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Summer’s over, it’s time to focus on fitness




By Brian Foley from Activate Fitness

For a lot of people, the summer months are a perfect time to loosen the reins a bit when it comes to fitness and nutrition, and that’s OK.

With summer coming to an end, a lot of people now face a key inflection point;
do you take inventory of where you are in relation to your goals and double down on making progress starting today, or do you keep all things the same and just cruise into the fast-approaching Christmas, inevitably just putting your goals on hold until it comes time to set those New Year’s resolutions for 2022?

I’ve written plenty about the psychology of “Monday, January 1 etc.”, check out our blog on for why we think January 1 isn’t sustainable.

It can be tough to hear but we’re almost at the final quarter of 2021. The year will wrap up soon and it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to end it.

I love the idea of compounding habits, the author James Clear (Atomic Habits) calls habits the “compound interest of self-improvement”. So let’s take a 1% improvement each day between here and Christmas.
“1%? It will take me forever to reach my goal if I just improve by 1% each day”, but that’s exactly where you are going to fail. We often look for the new shiny novelty and quick fix that promises 40% in six weeks, but we typically get nowhere near that type of return in nowhere near that timeframe. But if we focus on the process and make small incremental changes daily, that’s where the magic occurs.

One small improvement each day this autumn means you will be flying high in whatever you choose to be doing by Christmas.

Here’s a simple example:

Day 1 – Add vegetables to a meal you previously didn’t
Day 2 – Move more and get in some intentional exercise, like a walk for example.
Day 3 – Drink 2 litres of water
Day 4 – Write down your thoughts for the day and list things you were thankful for
Day 5 – Add a source of protein to a meal that previously didn’t have protein
Day 6 – Go for a longer walk than Day 2.
Day 7 – Prioritise sleep aiming to get at least 7 hours.

Think what types of habits you will accrue by day one hundred. None of the above are earth shattering huge changes, just small incremental habitual changes that keep adding on top of each other. And if we manage to stack small habitual improvement on top of small habitual improvement we get big changes that cause an overall improvement in our lives. None of the above mean you need to live like a hermit or just eat chicken and broccoli, but they do mean you have to commit to the longer term changes and give up the fads and be consistent in your thoughts and actions.

We often think the chains that hold us back are physical, where nine times out of 10 they are mental and we need to see these constraints for what they are.

As a colleague of mine @angela_kerrisk posted on social media over the weekend:

“In life, we can have results or reasons. If you are not getting the results you want, your reasons are the lies that you keep telling yourself.”

Your move. Let's go!



Over 3000 turn out for Nathan’s Walk

Thousands of people across eight locations in Kerry took part in Darkness Into Light, the annual fundraising event organised by Pieta and supported by Electric Ireland, on Saturday morning. One […]




Thousands of people across eight locations in Kerry took part in Darkness Into Light, the annual fundraising event organised by Pieta and supported by Electric Ireland, on Saturday morning.

One of the biggest in the county was the Killarney edition held in memory of Nathan O’Carroll. Over 3,000 people took part in the Killareny walk making it one of the biggest in the country. 

His mother Marie organises the walk locally each year.

She thanked the many business and individuals who made this year’s walk possible.

They were: Electric Ireland; Killarney Racecourse; Killarney National Park; Sheahan Group,; Daly’s Supervalu; Emergency Services and Order of Malta; MC Brendan Fuller of Radio Kerry; Videographer Dan Devane; Photographers Marie Carroll O’Sullivan and Konrad Paprocki; Samantha Nagle for Instagram and all the volunteers and supporters.

Stephanie Manahan, Pieta CEO, said: “We are beyond grateful for the thousands of people who supported the event this year. To see so many people come out each and every year is truly inspiring and each and every person makes a valuable contribution in enabling Pieta to provide free, professional therapy for suicide prevention and bereavement in Ireland. On behalf of the entire team at Pieta, we want to thank every single participant, volunteer, and supporter. Thanks to you, we can continue to support those who need us most.’’

Meanwhile in London, Aghadoe native Tara Cronin was the lead organiser of Darkness into light, Cricklewood. TV celebrity Laura Whitmore also took part in the London walk.

The annual helps to raise almost €4m nationally to fund Pieta’s lifesaving suicide prevention services. This figure is expected to increase over the coming weeks as public fundraising and corporate donations for the initiative continue.


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Brand new look for Killarney Magazine



Hot off the presses! This years Killarney Magazine is out from this weekend.

Killarney’s premier tourism magazine is back on the streets with a fresh look.

The magazine has been reimagined by the Killarney Advertiser and KC Print team. The theme is ‘We are Killarney….Explore It Like We Do’ is packed with the best experiences our amazing town can offer.

Lead by the Killarney Advertiser team, the magazine is a vibrant reflection of the changing nature of the tourism market focussing on experiences, food, festivals, and craic.

This year’s magazine builds on the last seven editions of the Killarney Magazine first launched in 2016. It has become a must read for visitors and this edition is packed with experiences that are world class. Celebrating our unique town is a full-time job for the team and in this year’s edition the energy is hopping off the page.

Speaking about the magazine, Sales Manager Chris Davies explained that “bringing a fresh new look was important considering that so many businesses upgraded their offerings for the new season. This year we focused on the experience side of Killarney, and I think the content and listings showcase all of the great experiences our town has to offer”

This coffee table publication will be available from all hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourism spots from this weekend on.

It will be distributed weekly throughout the summer and is sure to be a massive success with visitors and locals alike.

The magazine is free, and to make this possible it is through advertising by businesses in our community. Thank you to all those who advertised this year, and, in the past, it would not be possible to represent our town in its awe-inspiring wonder without their support.

Grab a coffee and enjoy this year’s edition. Click here to read online!


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