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SmallTalk with Killarney golfer Jason Arthur



This week Adam Moynihan caught up with talented Killarney golfer Jason Arthur to chat about his game, his fondest sporting memories, and his playing partners – good and bad!

Hi Jason. How are you keeping?

All good, Adam.

Thanks for speaking to me.

No bother.

You’d have a reputation as being a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to sport. Remind us of the teams you have represented.

Football with Dr Crokes, soccer with Killarney Athletic and Killarney Celtic, and golf with Killarney Golf and Fishing Club.

How is the golf going at the moment?

Pretty good, but I’m not practicing nearly as much as I was last summer so it’s a bit up and down.

What’s your favourite and least favourite hole in Killeen?

The 10th on Killeen is my favourite hole and my least favourite is the 1st. I always make a mess of it.

Who’s your favourite local golfer to go for a round with?

Patrick Buckley and Anthony O’Carroll are my regular playing partners. And lately Ken ‘Snakes’ Clifford, who is always good craic but his golf game leaves a lot to be desired.

What’s the best piece of golf advice you’ve ever received?

Drive for show, putt for dough!

What’s your happiest sporting memory as an adult?

Winning the All-Ireland Junior Cup with my Killarney Golf and Fishing Club teammates last year, with my brother-in-law Donal Considine as manager.

And your best memory from your underage days?

When our team won the All-Ireland Junior Cup when I was 17. We were managed by my dad, James ‘The Wedge’.

Biggest sporting regret?

No regrets.

Who has been the best manager/coach you have played for?

I would say Mikey O’Donoghue when I was underage with the Crokes, and Ed O’Neill when we were in the Sem.

Who’s the most talented player you’ve ever played with?

Rory O’Sullivan at golf. He was an unbelievable talent underage. He doesn’t play as much anymore but he can still light it up when he does. In soccer, I’d say Eoin O’Connell. He was top class. And Mickey Joe Grady was a brilliant footballer.

Toughest opponent?

Mark Bowe (when he doesn’t have the shanks).

Who are your favourite athletes of all time?

Tiger Woods, Alan Shearer and the Gooch.

Any hobbies outside of sport?

Hiking and running.

Best restaurant in Killarney?

Tough choice but Colm makes the nicest pizzas in Charlie Foleys - when he actually does a day’s work.

Favourite spot for a pint?

Charlie Foleys and The Speakeasy.

What’s the last show you binge watched?

Better Call Saul. Great show.

Which actor would play you in movie about your life?

Michael Fassbender! But I don’t think he’ll be clearing his schedule for the role anytime soon!

What would you sing at karaoke?

Maggie May.

And last question… Which of your Killarney Golf Club friends would you least like to get stuck in an elevator with?

Tadhg ‘Tiger’ O’Keeffe. He can be pretty loud!

I hadn’t noticed… Sound for that, Jason. All the best.

No bother at all.

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Survey reveals Kerry fans’ expectations for 2023



A start-of-season survey carried out by the Killarney Advertiser has revealed Kerry supporters’ expectations ahead of the 2023 campaign, which gets underway on Sunday with a league match against Donegal.

Kerry enjoyed a perfect year in 2022 as Jack O’Connor led his team to glory in the National League, Munster Championship and All-Ireland Championship. It would be an incredible achievement to replicate that success again this time around, but some supporters seem to think that it can be done.

Around 73% of those polled believe that Kerry will reach another All-Ireland final, with the majority (42%) predicting that Sam Maguire will be staying in the Kingdom for another year at least. Just under a quarter of respondents (23%) think that Kerry will fall at the semi-final stage, however, with the remainder (4%) anticipating a quarter-final or round robin exit.

1. How far will Kerry go in the championship?

All-Ireland round robin – 1%

All-Ireland quarter-final – 3%

All-Ireland semi-final – 23%

All-Ireland final (runners-up) – 31%

All-Ireland final (winners) – 42%

That’s what supporters expect to happen, but what would they be happy with? When asked what would constitute a “good year” for Kerry in 2023, 54% stated that only an All-Ireland will do. A further 32% said they would be content with another All-Ireland final appearance. So, effectively, the vast majority of Kerry supporters (86%) won’t be happy unless their team at least makes it to the All-Ireland final on July 30.

2. Kerry need to ___________ for 2023 to be classed as a “good” year.

Reach the All-Ireland round robin stage – 1%

Reach the All-Ireland quarter-final – 3%

Reach the All-Ireland semi-final – 10%

Reach the All-Ireland final – 32%

Win the All-Ireland final – 54%

Neighbours Cork gave Kerry a real hiding in the McGrath Cup at the beginning of this month but it appears as though fans from this side of the county bounds are placing little stock in that particular result. Over 96% of supporters expect Kerry to win their provincial championship. A very small minority (3%) are fearing the worst, i.e. Cork winning Munster.

3. Who will win the Munster Championship?

Kerry – 96%

Cork – 3%

Someone else – 1%

Expectations are lower for the immediate future, however. With several players out injured and others – including star player David Clifford – being rested, most fans reckon Kerry will finish mid-table in Division 1 of the National League. Over half of the readers who responded to our survey (52%) think Kerry will finish 3rd or 4th in the eight-team pool, with roughly one-in-five expecting a 5th or 6th place finish.

Despite the lengthy list of absentees, 21% of supporters are still optimistic that Kerry can retain their Division 1 title. At the other end of the scale, around 1% think Kerry will be relegated.

4. Where will Kerry finish in Division 1 of the National League?

1st or 2nd (winners) – 21%

1st or 2nd (runners-up) – 8%

3rd or 4th – 52%

5th or 6th – 18%

7th or 8th (relegated) – 1%

When asked which opponent they are most wary of heading into the new season, the vast majority of Kerry fans singled out the same Division 2 team.

5. Which opposition team should Kerry be most worried about in 2023?

Dublin – 78%

Tyrone – 7%

Armagh – 6%

Cork – 3%

Derry – 3%

Mayo – 2%

Galway – 1%

Jack O’Connor’s side travel to Ballybofey on Sunday for their first competitive outing of the season. Throw-in is at 2pm with the match being televised live on TG4.

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“Argentina have Messi but we have the Messiah”

By Michelle Crean  Calls for full civic reception for David Clifford Superstar footballer David Clifford has been compared to Argentina’s Messi. At Monday’s full Kerry County Council meeting councillors were full of […]




By Michelle Crean 

Calls for full civic reception for David Clifford

Superstar footballer David Clifford has been compared to Argentina’s Messi.

At Monday’s full Kerry County Council meeting councillors were full of praise for both the Fossa and Rathmore teams who won their respective finals a day earlier in Croke Park. Fossa became the All-Ireland Junior Football Champions when they beat Stewartstown Harps, while Rathmore secured the AIB All-Ireland Intermediate Club Football title.

Cllr Mike Kennelly said “we are currently witnessing the greatest footballer ever” as he called for a full civic reception to honour David Clifford.

“I think he’s the greatest inspiration to every Kerry person. We, as an authority, as a county need to acknowledge this. We need to acknowledge David’s greatness and inspiration on his unrivalled success over the last 12 months. Argentina has Messi but we have the Messiah and we’ve got to protect him and honour that. Most people will agree with us that he is the greatest we have ever seen.”

However, cautiously Cllr Cahill added that it’s better to hold a civic reception for both teams rather than single out one player.

“I’m not too sure about singling out David. Maybe talk to the family on that. Paudie got an All Star this year and last year and was Man of the Match at several games. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it but tease it out a little bit further.”

The matter was referred to the CPG.


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