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Tommy Tiernan ‘Tomfoolery’

Gleneagle INEC Arena Muckross Road, Killarney

“Tiernan can drop in turns of phrase so exquisite that you could call them a sound installation and enter them for the Turner prize.”- The Times TOMMY TIERNAN’S brand new show ‘tomfoolery’ sees the now 50-year-old comedian back onstage with an exhilarating mix of the highly personal and flamboyant storytelling that audiences have come to […]


Gavin James

Gleneagle INEC Arena Muckross Road, Killarney

Gavin James, whose songcraft has been the key to unlocking 1.5 billion streams, 6 million monthly listeners at Spotify, 32 Platinum and Gold records across the globe, has just announced his Irish headline tour to coincide with release of his upcoming 3rd studio album. From previous hits such as ‘Always’ and ‘Nervous’ to his more […]


The Tumbling Paddies

Gleneagle INEC Arena Muckross Road, Killarney

The Tumbling Paddies are a young, talented, and energetic six-piece band from Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. They have taken the music scene by storm over the past four years. With their catchy original songs and distinctive take on well-known cover songs, they have created their own unique Trad/Pop sound that any music lover would aspire to […]