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Them bones, them bones, need calcium!  




By Brian Foley from Activate Fitness

This week's article is Part Two in our series on the effects of ageing on our bodies and what we can do about it.


Last week we delved into arthritis and learned a little about the condition and how it will impact many of our lives.

This week, we’re looking at osteoporosis.

Everyone remembers that TV advert from the '80s with that freaky looking wooden man singing “Them bones, them bones, need calcium!” He wasn’t wrong, solid nutrition with a healthy dose of calcium is vital to bone health, but so too is stress.

When we think of bones, we often think of a “fixed”, hard structure that just remains the same. However, bones are a living organ, in a constant state of degeneration and regeneration.

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects one in four women and one out of every six to seven men. It is characterised by decreased bone mineral density causing an increased likelihood of fracture. 20% of men and 37% of women will die after fracturing their hip and many who suffer a fracture are likely to re-fracture. For people who have osteoporosis, a fracture can cause a downward spiral of avoiding activity, becoming deconditioned, and then becoming more susceptible to a future fracture.

Fortunately, there are ways to safeguard against this significant bone density loss. Did you know that each time you do a relatively heavy squat your bones bend ever so slightly and a signal is sent within the bone to build more bone? It's absolutely amazing what our bodies can do, but the bone requires a sufficient stress to adapt, remodel and, over time get stronger.


Therefore, weight training should be a central tenant of anyone’s health and fitness regime. How you do it is mostly up to you, but I would advise seeking out a qualified professional first. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia (which can be simply viewed as a potential precursor to osteoporosis) you should seek out a physiotherapist first who would typically either devise an exercise programme for you that contains progressive resistance i.e. weights or work that increases gradually, or they would refer you out to a suitably qualified exercise professional.

What would this programme look like?

Typically it would include two sessions per week with at least one exercise per body part and its core would include some form of compound exercise, such as a squat.

For people with osteoporosis but without fractures: at least 50 moderate impacts a session i.e. jogging, low level jumping, and hopping are recommended and should be interspersed with walking activities.

These are just guidelines, and should of course be adjusted depending on the individual.

“But I’m healthy enough and go walking most days”

Walking and other forms of cardiovascular exercise such as cycling and swimming are great, the benefits for your cardiovascular system and your overall happiness and well-being are well documented. However, these exercises fail to produce significant increases in bone density in most people as they don’t provide enough of a “loading stimulus” (stress to the bone) to stimulate bone growth.

If you are concerned about the impacts of osteoporosis or are currently diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, Activate runs a twice weekly strength programme which is devised and coached by Sam Treharne (CORU registered physiotherapist) which might be suitable for you. To find out more visit or call 087 4030894.

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Rodeo lasso demo to kickstart 4th of July Festival on Friday

Killarney’s 4th of July celebrations will get underway today (Friday) when the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus put on an unusual show at St Mary’s Church of the Sloes. The choir […]




Killarney’s 4th of July celebrations will get underway today (Friday) when the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus put on an unusual show at St Mary’s Church of the Sloes.

The choir is due to perform a concert in the town centre church on Friday evening..

However part of their act is a demonstration in the art of lasso ropes – a tradition that stems from the early farming days of the Wild West – and there isn’t enough room in the church for that element of their act.

Instead they will give a lasso demonstration on the grounds of St Mary’s from 5pm Friday.

“They are showcasing on the green space outside our church at 5pm,” the Venerable Simon J Lumby the Rector of Killarney said.

“They will perform rodeo lasso stunts as part of their act. We couldn’t accommodate that during the concert so we’ve got them to do it earlier outside.”

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GAA stars set to gather for A Night With Legends

By Sean Moriarty Over 1,500 people are expected to attend Fossa GAA Club’s ‘A Night With Legends’ on Tuesday night. GAA royalty will grace the INEC stage as part of […]



By Sean Moriarty

Over 1,500 people are expected to attend Fossa GAA Club’s ‘A Night With Legends’ on Tuesday night.

GAA royalty will grace the INEC stage as part of an ambitious fundraiser by the club.

The event will be styled on RTÉ’s popular pre All-Ireland Final show ‘Up for the Match’ where footballing legends will tell some of their life stories in between music and songs.

It will be hosted by author and raconteur Billy Keane and horseracing photographer Pat Healy. The event is one of the key fundraisers for the expanding Fossa GAA Club.

Coming just days before Kerry’s All-Ireland semi-final with Dublin, ‘A Night With Legends’ will also serve as a light-hearted preview to the important game.

Kerry greats like Pat Spillane, Mike Frank Russell, Paul Galvin and Eamon Fitzmaurice will be joined on stage by Dublin hero Bernard Brogan Sr. Killarney greats Colm ‘Gooch’ Cooper and Ambrose O’Donovan will also be there.

“This is not going to be a boring night, it is going to be filled with fun and banter, music and craic,” Fossa GAA chairman, Dermot Clifford, told the Killarney Advertiser.

Several raffle and auction prizes are up for grabs on the night too, the most unusual being a chance to bid on a racing greyhound, donated by the Murphy Family from Brosna.

The fundraiser has already raised €10,000 thanks to a recent auction organised by Paul Nagle. The local rally star sold one of his world championship helmets for €25,000 with the balance going to Recovery Haven in Tralee.

Limited tickets are still available at a cost of €25 per person or groups can buy a table of 12 for €250.

Ticket enquires:

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