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Measuring bodyweight progress



By Kayleigh Cronin from Activate

One of the many benefits of our Personal Training (PT) programme is the access our coaches have to our inbody scanner.

Although body composition is only one of many methods of tracking progress, it is often the one people can be most concerned about, in particular bodyweight. There are many different aspects to consider when we monitor the progress our clients make, many of which go unnoticed by the client and they can be as, if not more, important than bodyweight progress.

Progress in any fitness or wellness journey is multifaceted. At Activate, we as coaches ensure our clients take a holistic approach to their health and fitness journey. We meet our personal training clients weekly, and programme accordingly based on their goals. However, there are many hours left in the week outside of their scheduled PT hours.

Our goal at Activate is to set our clients up with a skillset that allows them to take control of their own journey.

In order to do this, we advise clients on other important facets of a healthy lifestyle, including, but not limited to:

* Exercise habits outside of personal training sessions
* Fluid consumption
* Mindfulness
* Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern
* Enjoying a balanced diet
* Maintaining a non-sedentary lifestyle (i,e. getting those steps in!)
The inbody
Unfortunately, many people focus too much of their attention on what the weighing scales say. There are many flaws with using the scales as your only measure of progress. The accuracy of results can be affected by many components including whether you have eaten or not, weighing yourself at the same time every day, water retention, menstruation and many more. The most obvious weakness is that the majority of people use a ‘regular’ weighing scale, which only tells you your bodyweight and not your body composition.

This means that it cannot display your skeletal muscle mass and fat mass values. It can be very disheartening for clients when they have put in a lot of work and don’t see the results they were hoping for on the ‘regular’ scales.

At Activate, we are lucky to have the use of the inbody, which gives us a broad range of results including weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM), Body Fat (PBF) and water ratio. Often clients may see their weight (kg) hasn’t changed but they may have lost body fat and gained muscle mass. Similarly, it is an equally important tool for clients who need to put on weight or muscle mass.
Client win
A client of mine recently completed their second inbody, six weeks after they started PT and six weeks after their first inbody. On top of giving their all in PT sessions, this client has really bought into the holistic approach to their health journey and has made lifestyle changes that are affecting them positively. On doing their second inbody, they noticed that their weight hadn’t changed much. After explaining the other values (SMM and PBF) they realised that they had dropped 1.6% body fat and gained .5kg in muscle mass. More importantly, they feel like they have more energy, they are sleeping better and the majority of their familiar aches and pains (back, knees, hips) are gone.

Results like these are achievable when the right approach is taken. This client now knows that for them, what the ‘normal’ scale says in relation to their bodyweight (kg) isn’t important as their goal is to increase muscle and lose fat, which they are achieving. On top of this, they are leading a healthier lifestyle and feel the impact the changes they have made are of more value than what any scales say.

Don’t rely on your bodyweight results being your only measure of progress, you may be under-appreciating all the other improvements you are making.

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New local date for Hozier this summer

With over 22 billion global streams Hozier, whose other shows are completly sold out, has announced a new date in Killarney this summer. Not only will the Grammy-nominated, award-winning multi-platinum […]




With over 22 billion global streams Hozier, whose other shows are completly sold out, has announced a new date in Killarney this summer.

Not only will the Grammy-nominated, award-winning multi-platinum singer and songwriter, perform in Malahide Castle and The Academy, but he has announced a gig at the Gleneagle INEC Arena on June 27.

Driven by the thought-provoking quintuple-platinum anthem, ‘Take Me To Church’, ranked the 30th most listened to song on Spotify, the track is the 103rd song to ever achieve the rare milestone of Diamond certification and the highest certified solo Alternative single in RIAA history.

‘Take Me To Church’ has surpassed 2 billion streams, the only Irish artist to achieve this feat.

Hozier’s success hasn’t been confined to the UK and US with the album also achieving Multi-Platinum status in Belgium, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

Major TV appearances have helped spread the gospel including stand-out appearances on Later with Jools, Jimmy Fallon , David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, and Graham Norton. Following a year of sold out shows and festival appearances across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, VH1 crowned Hozier ‘Artist of the Year’ and he received the honours ‘Top Rock Artist’ and ‘Top Rock Songs’ at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

In addition, he scored nominations for ‘Song of the Year’ at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at which he performed alongside Annie Lennox and ‘Favourite Artist – Alternative Rock’ at the American Music Awards.

He won BBC ‘Song of the Year’ and the coveted Ivor Novello award for ‘Song of The Year’.

As Hozier prepares to release his third album ‘Unreal Unearth’ in 2023, his 3-track EP ‘Eat Your Young’ was released on March 17 in honour of his birthday and St. Patrick’s Day.

Tickets for Hozier go on sale this Thursday at 9am.


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First born Kerry Calf of the year is a girl!

The first born Kerry Calf of 2023 was born at Muckross National Park this week. Both mother and calf are doing very well. The rare and native bred is distinguished […]




The first born Kerry Calf of 2023 was born at Muckross National Park this week.

Both mother and calf are doing very well. The rare and native bred is distinguished by its black colour, grazing outdoors in all seasons and is extremely hardy. The newborn calf can expect a long and peaceful life grazing in the National Park – the half moon close to Torc Waterfall is a popular grazing field.

Kerry cattle are a rare breed of dairy cattle – native to Kerry, descended from the Celtic Shorthorn, brought to Ireland as early as 2000BC. They are considered one of the oldest breeds in Europe, known for their milk quality and gentle nature.

Killarney National Park recognises the importance of conserving the historic Muckross herd. Former owners of Muckross Estate, Arthur Rose Vincent, were passionate about the Kerry Calf. Today, the rare bred are cared and managed by Chief Herdsman, Mike Fleming, particularity for preservation and agricultural heritage.

Another prolific breed is the ‘Cahernane Kerry’ owned and bred by dairy farmer, Ms Hilliard of Cahernane, Killarney. Ms Hilliard is one of the strongest advocators in the preservation and conservation of the bred. She is life-long secretary of the Kerry Cattle Society.

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