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Workers retire after combined 90 years’ service



RETIREMENTS: Three members of Killarney Municipal District, Chris Brosnan (Firies), James O’Leary (Ballyspillane) and Dermot O’Connor (O’Kelly’s Villas), who have 90 years' service completed have retired. They are pictured with Noel O’Leary (Town Foreman).


By Michelle Crean

It's a case of where everybody knows your name - as three town workers with a combined 90 years' service - have retired from their roles with Killarney Municipal District.

Christy Brosnan, Dermot O’Connor and Jimmy O’Leary are well-known faces as the ourdoor staff who constantly meet members of the public have each shown outstanding commitment, dedication and service to the town of Killarney.

Dermot,who resides in O’Kellys Villas, retired on October 28 with 40 years service completed. He became a permanent member of the outdoor staff with the Killarney Urban District Council in 1983. Dermot started with the Street Cleaning section and later transferred over to Refuse Collection. For the past 24 years he was a permanent fixture on the streets of the town. He was a well-known sight with his cart, sweeping the streets - always with a smile on his face. Dermot helped to ensure that the streets of Killarney always looked pristine.

Jimmy O’Leary residing in Ballyspillane, retired on October 20 following 20 years’ service with Kerry County Council. Jimmy was a member of the street cleaning department throughout his service. Like Dermot, he was out on the streets early in the mornings, before shop shutters had raised. He worked tirelessly, maintaining our streets, lanes and roads to the highest standards. He loved his many encounters with the people on the streets and it many a story he could tell. He was a great hand at giving directions and recommendations to the visitors to the town and always with a smile on his face.

Christopher (Christy) Brosnan retired on August 26 after nearly 30 years of service with Kerry County Council. From Firies, Christy started his employment with the former Killarney Urban District Council. He worked in all sections at varying times, starting in the Street Cleaning section and also serving in the Roads, Refuse and Gardening departments over the years. Christy carried out his duties to an extremely high standard and worked hard throughout his career with the Council. Christy always had time to stop and chat with locals and tourists alike.

All of their colleagues in the Killarney MD wish Christy, Dermot and Jimmy a very happy retirement.

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Detox Wrap will leave you feeling energised

It may be the last few weeks of the holidays but, it is no better time treat yourself to a body detox wrap. This wrap is suitable for males and […]




It may be the last few weeks of the holidays but, it is no better time treat yourself to a body detox wrap.

This wrap is suitable for males and females.
This wrap will boost your energy levels and make you feel like yourself again. Having loads of BBQs and nights out or feeling bloated and sluggish, unmotivated.
This wrap is a great way to boost energy by increasing lymphatic drainage, which helps the body’s natural detox system to release bad toxins. By aiding the lymphatic system and increasing the negative, harmful toxins. Your body will immediately start to feel better, more motivated, and increased energy. Your skin will feel better and bring your glow back.

The process is having sea clay applied all over the body, followed by bandages wrapped in a specific way to lift and firm the skin and finally you are tucked up in a heated blanket….. to sweat out the negative toxins. following the treatment, you have a three-day detox, no tea, coffee, fried fatty foods, fizzy drinks, processed foods or even a shower to leave the active clay and get to work on the lymphatic system.

This is a seriously great treatment, that really works if you follow the process. As the heat from the blanket helps to open your pores on the body the sea clay can go into the deep layers of the skin, when you unwrap the clay is trapped in the skin and its ingredients get to work.

Bentonite has excellent drainage properties for full detox and skin clarification.

Magnesium sulphate stimulates peripheral skin circulation, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory.
Magnesium Chloride has valuable mineral salt and permits cellular balance, combats stress and fluid retention, and has anti-bacterial properties.

Zinc oxide, bacterium properties and anti-inflammatory.

Sodium Chloride detoxifies tissues and tightens the skin.

They work best the longer they are left on the skin and the longer you detox. I wouldn’t claim a 2-hour treatment can do amazing results without the homework. The clay isn’t dirty looking on the skin, it looks more like a cloud of chalky dust on the outer skin, the active properties have been absorbed into the skin.
The skin may feel a little different while the clay is working, but the results are worth it. It’s a great treatment after weight loss, pregnancy, liposuction or just re-energises you as a whole.
for more information or to make an appointment call Jill at 064-6632966


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Puck Goat removed from platform in searing heat

Organisers of Puck Fair have taken King Puck down from his platform to protect the wild mountain goat from the heat. Today mark’s day two of the three-day fair in […]




Organisers of Puck Fair have taken King Puck down from his platform to protect the wild mountain goat from the heat.

Today mark’s day two of the three-day fair in Killorglin town. As part of the fair’s tradition a wild mountain goat presides over the town from his tall platform over the course of the three days.

Organisers employ a dedicated vet to look after the goat and a team of experienced goat handlers are also on duty for the duration of the festival.

There is also a temperature monitoring device on the platform.

As temperatures hit 29 degrees today (Thursday), the vet and handlers decided it was safer for the goat to be removed from the platform for the rest of the day.

“He is currently resting in the shade,” spokesperson Marcella O’Connor told the Killarney Advertiser. “The handlers were monitoring him in case it got too hot, the decision was made to take him down, and the vet says he is happy.”

A decision will be made tomorrow (Friday) on the goat’s return to the platform for the final day of the fair.


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