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Why you need a nutrition coach




By Angela Kerrisk from Activate Fitness

Looking to improve your nutrition and reach your health and fitness goals is anything but easy.

In fact, it can be one of the most frustrating and confusing things you try. Each day there is a new study out, a new bestseller promising the secret to quick results, a new diet saying something completely different from the last, all promising quick easy results!

Who and what should you believe?

How do you stay consistent? How do you incorporate better eating into your busy life and what kind of nutrition programme or diet is best for you and your goals?

You start to make strides, but keep finding yourself saying, "I'll start back up on Monday!"

Most likely what you are following involves some sort of restriction. Maybe you feel like you know what to do but just aren't seeing the results you want? You move from programme to programme, diet to diet, reading every article that pops up on social media promising the magic answer.

There are meal plans of every type available online so why is it so hard to lose weight - because weight loss is not just about food and meal plans, there is one thing missing from all of the above and that's accountability. It is also the one thing that has the biggest impact on your success.

You see, you can have all the nutrition information in the world. Even if you know what to do, you know the right foods to eat and what to avoid, you can still struggle in reaching your goals.

Hiring a coach

Something special happens when you hire a coach. Your level of accountability significantly increases and this, in turn, helps you to stay consistent and to be successful in reaching your goals! It's easy to commit but it's also easy to overcommit, become overwhelmed and quit.

The tough part is trying to stay committed. We have all been there. This is why here at Activate Nutrition we focus on getting our clients invested in their health - not for the short term - but for life. We do this by introducing small, weekly habit changes that build off the previous one. This keeps our clients from getting overwhelmed and actually helps them stay excited as they conquer new goals and experience wins. In fact, research shows you are 80% more likely to establish a new habit if you introduce it one at a time. If you try to introduce three or more new habits then this plummets to a 5% success rate!

At Activate we have seen some incredible results. One of the things we love most is how well our members continue to do once they leave our nutrition programme and to see how empowered they are to take responsibility for their own health.

We know that the truth is it takes time to make a change which is why we like to work on one thing at a time. Making a change on your own is hard, if it were easy you would have done it by now. This is where having a nutrition coach can help with offering you that much needed extra support and accountability and to help you set a plan and give you the support to carry it out.

If you are ready for the change you want and to get rid of the confusion surrounding your nutrition, we are ready to help you!

For more information on our nutrition programme please contact us at

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Comedy drama ready for the stage

By Michelle Crean Get out your diary and book in these December dates as Dochas Drama Group is ready to take to the stage. What does a hypochondriac, a grumpy […]




By Michelle Crean

Get out your diary and book in these December dates as Dochas Drama Group is ready to take to the stage.

What does a hypochondriac, a grumpy father and a confused visitor to the dentist, all have in common? You’ll have to come along to the Killarney Avenue Hotel on Monday, December 12, Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 at 8pm to find out.

The popular drama group will present their three new comedies featuring the work of playwrights Brian Bowler, Ger Madden and Mary Quirke.Come along for a night filled with fun and laughter. Just the right beginning to the festive season. Doors open at 7.15pm and tickets are available at the door. All tickets; adults, seniors, students and children are €10. Don’t miss a great night out.


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Teens theory is a national winner

Watch out Dallas as three local students are ready to take their science theory and blow the competition out of the water. Liam Waldron, Rachel Griffin and Luke O’Sullivan, Sixth […]



Watch out Dallas as three local students are ready to take their science theory and blow the competition out of the water.

Liam Waldron, Rachel Griffin and Luke O’Sullivan, Sixth Year students from Killarney Community College, were named SciFest STEM Champions 2022 for their Group Theoretic Approach to Pythagoras’ Theorem.

The national finals of SciFest Ireland were held at the Marino Conference Centre in Dublin last Friday and they were attended by finalists from across Ireland.

The amazing trio will now go on to represent Ireland at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (Regeneron ISEF) which will be held in Dallas, Texas in May 2023.

The students secured their place at the national final after they won the overall prize at the SciFest regional competition at MTU Kerry in May this year.

Their project takes possibly one of the most well-known theorems that everyone remembers from school, Pythagoras’ Theorem. It provides an alternate proof of it, while also highlighting how right-angled triangles naturally provide a link between two coordinate systems and how this special case can naturally recreate the Pythagorean Theorem.

Supported by Intel Ireland and Boston Scientific, SciFest was set up 17 years ago by Sheila Porter and her husband George.

It is the largest, most inclusive STEM fair programme for second-level students in Ireland.

“The aim of SciFest has always been to develop a love of STEM and of inquiry-based learning and every year it is refreshing to see how the students of today continue to love and enjoy immersing themselves in science, technology, engineering and maths,” Sheila Porter, SciFest CEO, said.

“As SciFest grows each year, we grow more excited to see what new experiments and technologies are thought of and created. This year, students have shown incredible innovation in how STEM can make a positive impact on society, with initiatives in farming, space exploration and healthcare.”

Each year SciFest awards a ‘Teacher of Excellence’ and this year Máire Spillane was the recipient for her work with Luke, Rachel and Liam. She accompanied them to both finals and could not be prouder of this huge achievement at national level.

Killarney Community College held a whole school assembly to congratulate the SciFest champions in school and the SciFest STEM Champions 2022 were met with rapturous applause from all students and staff.

Ms Spillane spoke about the importance of STEM subjects and acknowledged the fact that Killarney Community College offers all students the opportunity to study all four of the disciplines, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and how our students are encouraged to submit projects every year into SciFest. It may be a competition run by science teachers, but in KCC cross-curricular co-operation by teachers of all subjects, is practiced on a daily basis.

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