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Thousands attend successful Kerry College Open Week




Kerry College Open Week was a huge success with thousands of students, career changers and jobseekers attending campus locations in Listowel, Clash Road and Monavalley in Tralee.

GROOMING: Tiana Ward a QQI Level 5 Animal Care Assistant learner pictured with Katie Zubeyko (Teacher) at the Kerry College Clash Campus.

INTEREST: There was good interest at the ESB stand during the Kerry College Open Week.

More attended the Careers Event on Monday evening, the Parent/Guardian/Applicant Information Session on Tuesday evening and the Apprenticeship Open Evening on Thursday.

The week was a wonderful opportunity for prospective learners to talk to staff and current learners, and explore the campus facilities to see the broad range of courses on offer at the different campuses. Teachers, learning support and guidance staff at the Clash/Denny and Listowel Campus were available on the day to discuss the multitude of courses for progression and employment available in Kerry College and for visitors to see first-hand all that Kerry College has to offer.

Principal of Clash, Denny Street and Listowel Campuses, Mr Stephen Goulding, welcomed Miriam Magner Flynn from Career Decisions and The Two Norries to the Clash Campus on Tuesday and they proved to be a huge hit on the night. He and his staff were especially delighted to welcome visitors to the new Kerry College Campus in Listowel.

The Killorglin Campus staff travelled to the Monavalley Campus during Open Week to meet and speak with prospective learners. From the Outdoor Education and Training tent visitors were given the opportunity to speak with experienced instructors about the high quality and innovative Outdoor Education and Training courses on offer in Kerry College Killorglin Campus and even try out a few new skills.

Keep an eye on the Killorglin Campus this year as there are many new courses in development across the whole outdoor sector so there might be something there for you.

In the Monavalley Campus attendees had the opportunity to visit the Skills Village which was showcasing Stone Crafting, Plumbing, Fibre Technician, Medical Administration, Overhead Lines and many more apprenticeships and courses. Visitors could try their hand at basic skills and find inspiration for their future.

2,000 visitors attended the Apprenticeship Open Evening in the Monavalley Campus on Thursday evening which was over double the number of visitors last year. They had the chance to meet Kerry based employers who take on apprentices on a regular basis. They also had the opportunity to hear what it was like to work as an apprentice and build a career ‘earning while learning’. There were over 35 employers at the event including Dairymaster, ESB Networks, Energywise Ireland, FIT, Liebherr, O’Carroll Engineering, OPW, Mayo Sligo ETB (Butchery Apprenticeship), TLI Group, Torc Precision Engineering Ltd, and the Irish Naval Service, to name but a few.

Manager of the Monavalley Campus, Con O’Sullivan, feels this is just the beginning of a wider change.

“The level of public engagement across our Open Week is a clear sign that parents, school leavers, career changers and jobseekers are looking for a more direct route to work – with increasing demand on our suite of accelerated practical skills training options; such as Apprenticeship and Professional Development programmes. Our responsive and agile team in Monavalley is best positioned to create a suite of training options that is both anticipative and responsive to business needs, informed by the work of our Business Support Unit.

Kerry College runs courses all year round – you can view their courses on or call their admissions office in Tralee on 066 714 9696 or 064 662 2593 in Killarney.

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Killarney to feature on TG4’s Country Music show

By Sean Moriarty A song about Killarney – once made famous by local Country Music hero Dermot Moriarty – will feature on TG4 tomorrow night (Tuesday). The second series of […]




By Sean Moriarty

A song about Killarney – once made famous by local Country Music hero Dermot Moriarty – will feature on TG4 tomorrow night (Tuesday).

The second series of the Irish channel’s County Music show ‘Viva Ceol Tire’, which highlights emerging Country Music talent in Ireland, airs every Tuesday night at 9.30pm.

The next programme will feature Donegal singer David James’ version of ‘Oh Killarney’.

The programme was filmed entirely on location in Killarney including Torc Waterfall, Ladies View Moll’s Gap and Kate Kearney’s Cottage.

“The song was written by Dennis Allen. However, it was a hit for Dermot Moriarty in the 1980s. The first time I heard it I loved it and I was thrilled with the reaction my version has got,” James, who is from the small village of Killean in Donegal, told the Killarney Advertiser.

“It’s pretty rural but I love it. I’ll be in Country Music 10 years this May. My first gig was in the local GAA hall for my aunt’s 50th birthday. I was 14 and I’ve been at it ever since.”



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Five questions to ask yourself before buying a stock

By Michael O’Connor, When it comes to investing, nothing is certain. There are no perfect stocks to buy because there’s no way of predicting the future with 100% accuracy. […]




By Michael O’Connor,

When it comes to investing, nothing is certain.

There are no perfect stocks to buy because there’s no way of predicting the future with 100% accuracy.

The truth is, investing is hard, and building a portfolio of top stocks that beat the market is something that even financial professionals have trouble doing consistently.

For most people, investing in index funds is the perfect hands-off approach, providing broad exposure to the stock market at a very low fee. Even my own personal portfolio is made up of roughly 70% ETFs despite the fact I invest in the market for a living.

But I believe some stock picking is a good strategy for many hands-on people.

Taking a small portion of your overall portfolio and diligently selecting a small number of companies to invest in gives you an opportunity to learn about the investing process and fully understand the businesses you are investing in, which helps to build conviction in your positions.

From a psychological standpoint “collector’s instinct” kicks in, enabling people to participate and invest more money over time.

Lastly, for Irish investors, there are tax benefits to consider. If you invest in individual stocks, you are taxed at the CGT rate of 33%, and the first €1,270 of your gains are exempt from CGT each year. When investing in index funds or ETFs, you are taxed at the exit tax rate of 41% with no annual exemption.

For those interested in picking individual stocks, here are five questions you should ask yourself before investing in any company.

Do I understand the business?

Too many people invest in businesses they don’t understand because it ‘sounds good’. If you have no idea how the company works, you won’t have the conviction needed to hold onto the stock when an inevitable downturn comes.

Can the balance sheet withstand severe, temporary adversity?

This seems obvious, but so many people invest in companies without understanding how much money a company holds and who they owe money to. Economic cycles are guaranteed. You must ensure that the company has enough cash-on-hand to avoid becoming obsolete when activity slows.

Will the company benefit from long-term trends?

Make sure the company will remain relevant into the future. If the stock is cheap now, it may be cheap for a reason.

Is the company enjoying profitable growth?

Not growth at all costs, but a combination of sustainable growth and value. All this information can be found online at sites like

What are the risk factors?

Is the company trying something new and untested? If yes, who are its competitors and how successful are they? If other players are more established, this company may have a tough time breaking into the market.


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