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By Angela Kerrisk from Activate Fitness

For too long we have been led to believe that genetics play a huge role in our destiny. The bag of goods we have been sold is that it is genetics that determines your health!

While they do determine our script, we control the narrative of this script by what we do and how we operate in our environment. You have more control over your health than you have been led to believe so take ownership of these things because it matters!

How we eat, move, sleep, think and connect; these five factors of health play an intrinsic part in our overall health and longevity.

While some of the decisions we make don’t immediately show (inflammation in our body can take years to manifest), everything is connected and all these systems have rules to operate at their peak. Most importantly we control how we operate these systems.

We can take ownership and mitigate health issues by changing our lifestyle choices!

All of our internal systems operate better when we eat good food, focus on eating whole foods, quality and quantity also count.

Move more

Try not to sit down for long periods of time. Get up and move around as much as possible. Get outdoors as much as you can

Sleep well

Sleep quality matters, create a sleep routine.

Improve your mindset

If some area of your life isn’t working, take ownership and work at changing the situation, don’t complain or moan!

Reduce stress

Create a social support network and connect with those around you. Poor social support has a detrimental effect on your health.

Practice gratitude

This has been proven to rewire your brain to see and appreciate the positives in your life.

We all know we should do this but the action is the part we struggle with.
In today’s society everywhere we look there is an abundance of food, noise, screens, of stress.

In the light of this abundance lies the fight between comfort and discomfort.

Fundamentally we are built to seek comfort but we have to go up against this and lean into the discomfort because it is through this discomfort you will find health. Many rewards in life will elude you if you're not willing to be a little uncomfortable at first.

This is the first generation that is expected to live shorter than their parents.
We have gotten smarter but less healthy.

We usually don’t make these changes until we reach rock bottom or get a wake-up call.
Why not start now and re-shift your focus and identity to be the person that eats well, moves well, sleeps well, thinks well and connects well!

Make the decisions now that will enable you to be the older person that is an asset, not a liability. Make the harder choices now and set yourself up with the optimal choices to succeed as best you can, these choices will matter. Try to change the narrative now for our current generation and the generations to come.

Like the saying goes ….

Easy choices, hard life,
Hard choices, easy life.

If you would like help with making any of these changes please contact us at

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Wine, art and lots of catching up at popular fundraiser

By Michelle Crean Spirits were high and the atmosphere electric at this year’s Wine & Art Night which had a huge attendance on Wednesday night. Over 50 exhibitors gathered in […]




By Michelle Crean

Spirits were high and the atmosphere electric at this year’s Wine & Art Night which had a huge attendance on Wednesday night.

Over 50 exhibitors gathered in the Great Southern Killarney as the Killarney Rotary Club’s fundraising event – which is one of the biggest in the town each year – was back after a COVID break.

During the afternoon the artists and crafters, many who travelled from all over Kerry, Clare, Cork and even Waterford this year, organised their display for the event. Later that evening there were a lot of familiar faces but also some new people who absolutely loved the evening.

There were many wines available to taste as well as cheese and breads at the event which is run in conjunction with Daly’s SuperValu, Killarney and Killarney Brewing Company.

“There was a huge attendance and everybody was in good spirits to be back to normal,” President of Rotary, Rayla Tadjimatova, said.

“Many of the patrons were buying some art as Christmas presents and the members of Rotary were delighted to be kept busy packing these. A portion of all art sales goes to the fundraiser. One local young man, who is only 16, exhibited his beautiful photographs of local scenic areas. There was an auction of donated works of art and a Kerry Jersey. All one hundred percent of the proceeds from this auction goes to the fundraiser.”

Mike Neeson entertained the crowd on arrival and right until the end of the night.

“Mike is a great supporter of our events and we would like to thank him for keeping everybody entertained.”

The Irish Pilgrimage Trust ran the raffle and they had some wonderful hampers and gifts to be won.

Beneficiaries from this year’s event are: Coolick NS, Gaelscoil Faithleann NS, Knockanes NS, Holy Cross Mercy NS, St Francis Special School, Kerry Stars, Killarney Athletic AFC, and Killarney Cougars Basketball Club.

She thanked everybody for attending and everyone for their help organising the event.

Some, she added, had never been before and said they did not know what exactly the night involved but will definitely be back again next time as it was “so enjoyable”.

“We hope the money raised will help the beneficiaries to proceed with projects,” she said.

“We are delighted for Rotary to be able to help these charities, community groups and schools through our fundraising event.”

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Comedy drama ready for the stage

By Michelle Crean Get out your diary and book in these December dates as Dochas Drama Group is ready to take to the stage. What does a hypochondriac, a grumpy […]




By Michelle Crean

Get out your diary and book in these December dates as Dochas Drama Group is ready to take to the stage.

What does a hypochondriac, a grumpy father and a confused visitor to the dentist, all have in common? You’ll have to come along to the Killarney Avenue Hotel on Monday, December 12, Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 at 8pm to find out.

The popular drama group will present their three new comedies featuring the work of playwrights Brian Bowler, Ger Madden and Mary Quirke.Come along for a night filled with fun and laughter. Just the right beginning to the festive season. Doors open at 7.15pm and tickets are available at the door. All tickets; adults, seniors, students and children are €10. Don’t miss a great night out.


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