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Spring into action to prepare your home for the market




By Ted Healy of DNG TED HEALY

As the evenings begin to stretch, we can look forward to some brighter spring weather with the tantalising prospect of those long dry summer evenings to come.


Following the long winter, we can get ahead of our indoor spring cleaning by sprucing up our gardens in preparation for brighter times ahead. This applies to us all but particularly so to those looking to sell in the spring market.

The garden is often neglected during the colder months, so is in dire need of a good spring clean. This process does not have to be stressful and can be completed easily.

It is worth the effort - there’s nothing more satisfying than a neat garden space to go with a clean home and it’s a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air.

Below is the first instalment of our essential jobs to complete in a garden spring clean:

Review your garden

If making additions is a priority, like adding new accessories or garden beds, then reviewing the space and making a plan is crucial to making sure no money is wasted. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Tackle the weeds

Catching and removing weeds in spring is necessary to prevent them from growing out of control. Dig the roots out as soil can still be fairly moist in spring months and leaving any of the plant in the ground can lead to re-rooting.

Edge garden beds

Grass can easily creep out into beds during winter months, and springtime is an optimal time to remove it. The soil is normally damp and once weeds are removed it should be fairly easy to spot and pull up.

Prune branches and plants

Spring is an ideal time for plants to start growing, and you can encourage this by pruning them. It is best to wait until temperatures are consistently above 10 degrees Celsius as insects like native bees and lacewings will hibernate in branches and stems until temperatures increase.

Get out and make a start and prepare your garden for spring. It will pay off.
We will continue our tips for a successful garden spring clean in our next piece.



Seven An Post staff retire

Seven well-known staff members at An Post Killarney celebrated retirement this week. The staff, Mary O’Sullivan, Joe Clifford, Paudie Cronin, Joe Coffey, Tom Ashe, Jerry McCarthy and Dan Murphy were […]




Seven well-known staff members at An Post Killarney celebrated retirement this week.

The staff, Mary O’Sullivan, Joe Clifford, Paudie Cronin, Joe Coffey, Tom Ashe, Jerry McCarthy and Dan Murphy were treated to an night of celebration and reminiscing by the South Kerry branch of the Communication Workers Union of Ireland.

The retirees, their families and colleagues enjoyed an evening at ‘The Panoramic’ the newly named restaurant upstairs at Killarney Racecourse.

Ollie Favier, of the Shire fame has taken over responsibility for operating the coffee shop / restaurant at the racecourse.

“A beautiful venue and apt that Ollie’s father Dan RIP from Glenflesk, was also a long serving postman in the community,” said John O’Shea, the Union Secretary An Post Killarney.

“The night included music with Derry Healy and Rosie Healy and was attended by up to 80 people, under the attentive guidance of Sales and Marketing Manager Emma O’Connor and Ollie’s right hand man, Colin Daly

“The event the food and the atmosphere was a great success and credit to all Ollie’s staff for being great hosts. “

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Watch Video: Primary School Students share knowledge from Coffee Cup Project



Killarney primary schools have joined the crusade against single use coffee cups this week by joining the Killarney Coffee Cup Project and declaring themselves single use coffee cup free. The Killarney Coffee Project is a community grassroots project aimed at eliminating single use coffee cups from Killarney town centre to protect Killarney National Park and the towns surroundings all in the name of conservation.

Alan Oliver, a local coffee shop owner, Lir Café, who is one of the participants of the project has said that he is “thrilled to see the project extend into the local schools. Teaching young people about why we should be moving away from a throw away culture is imperative to the continuous success of projects like this. Today’s young people are the future custodians of this town and so educating them on the importance of sustainability will ensure that Killarney and its National Park will be in safe hands for future generations.”

The schools involved in declaring themselves single use coffee cup free include Holycross Mercy, Gaelscoil Faithleann, Presentation Monastery, Glenflesk, Knocknanes, Coolick, Loreto, Lissivigeen and Tiernaboul. This follows on from the Killarney Coffee Cup Primary Schools Initiative which took place last November supported by Killarney Credit Union, the Kerry Biosphere, and the IKC3 project in MTU.

In November the 5th classes in the Killarney area were brought to Muckross School House and Killarney House for a 2-hour immersive environmental education experience around our connection to the Kerry Biosphere and citizen climate action. Here the students learned about our biosphere and how we as citizens and sustainable initiatives like the Killarney Coffee Cup Project can protect this Special Area of Conservation. Finally, they went outside to work with a park ranger, collecting acorns in leftover disposable compostable cups that the project had gathered from various businesses. They took these acorns back to their classrooms where they have planted and are caring for their oak tree. In 2024, these young oak tree seedlings will be planted back into the National Park.

The Killarney Coffee Cup Project is the 1st of its kind in the world, and it is something that belongs to all the citizens of the town. We all own this!

Want to hear from the future voices of our environment?

This week the Killarney Advertiser caught up with primary schoolers who have been busy learning all about protecting our amazing natural environment

Watch our video where the future eco-warriors share what they’ve learned about keeping our Killarney healthy and thriving! Here is to the next generation of environmental stewards!

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