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Rotary Club celebrates in style




The Killarney Rotary Club held their Annual Afternoon Tea at the Great Southern Killarney on Saturday last.

Rotary Club President Mr. Barry Murphy and his family at the club's Afternoon Tea and Fashion Show at Great Southern Killarney on Saturday.

The dining room was full to capacity.

“We had four other Rotary Clubs who attended to support this event. Rotarians from Cork, Dingle, Limerick and Tralee Rotary Clubs all enjoyed themselves after making the journey to Killarney. Many other groups have attended year-in-year-out since it began in 2008 so Rotary Killarney must be doing something right,” said Ciara Irwin.

“There were a few new faces this year and hopefully they will all return again.”

The afternoon started with a drinks reception in the foyer. Everybody was in great form gathering with friends and family members. The guests were entertained on the piano by Conn and by a local group of five children who recently represented Kerry at the National Community Games Final in the ballad singing finals.

The current Rotary President Mr. Barry Murphy addressed the guests and explained what Rotary does both in the local community and through Rotary internationally.

“He told everybody about Rotary Killarney celebrating 40 years in Killarney. He also thanked the team at the Great Southern for their wonderful service on the day. He mentioned the beneficiaries of the event,” added Ciara.

Barry said: “It is wonderful to be associated with such an event, it flowed from start to finish in a non-stop relaxed atmosphere. Well organised, well attended, very fashionable, very sociable and in aid of two worthy causes.”

The Night Nurses service is a very important part of the Irish Cancer Society. They provide night-time care for patients and families in their own home from 6pm to 7am.

The Fuchsia Ward at Killarney Community Hospital provides care for older people in need of a high level of advanced care for dementia.

“Thank you to all here today for supporting such deserving services in our community. Thank you to Ciara and the team, for all your hard work, it is much appreciate,” added Barry.

Mr. Michael Jacobi, Managing Director of the Hayfield Family Collection congratulated the Killarney Club on reaching 40 years and he wished them well into the future. Guests were invited to visit Fredericks Restaurant, newest addition to the Great Southern afterwards.

The fashion show included clothes from Scarlett Boutique (Scotts Street, Killarney).

Clodagh Irwin Foley co-ordinated the fashion show again this year with models Abigail, Aggie, Monika, Sherry and Siofra.



Top 10 Essential tips for Leaving Cert Students in lead up to June 5

The final weekend leading up to the Leaving Cert exams can be very tough, as you try to balance last minute revision with much needed rest after a long, exhausting […]




The final weekend leading up to the Leaving Cert exams can be very tough, as you try to balance last minute revision with much needed rest after a long, exhausting year.

The natural anxiety felt by students is often heightened by the annual media hype around the state exams and it is really important that you do your best to manage that stress effectively, so that you are ready to perform to the best of your ability once the exams start. The following tips may help to keep you focused and a little calmer in the lead up to June 5.

1. Review, don’t cram – Focus on summary notes, flashcards, or mind maps. This reinforces what you’ve already studied. Prioritise areas where you feel less confident, but don’t try to learn new material.

2. Practise past papers – Review marking schemes and time allocation for each question you will need to answer on each paper. Practise a sample of questions against the clock. This will maximise your scoring potential.

3. Organise your materials – Check the exam timetable and highlight your own exams. Prepare the stationary that you need, gather pens, pencils, calculators, and so on. Pack your bag the night before to avoid last-minute stress.

4. Maintain a healthy balance – Aim for 8 hours of sleep each night. Proper rest is crucial for memory, concentration and stamina. Eat well, include proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs in your meals to maintain energy levels. Drink plenty of water, hydration is essential.

5. Try to manage stress – Schedule short breaks during study sessions and do something enjoyable and relaxing, like a short walk, playing or listening to music. Get fresh air and some light exercise. Use relaxation techniques like breathing exercise, mindfulness and meditation.

6. Focus on a positive mindset – Focus on your strengths and remind yourself of your preparation. Concentrate on what you know and not on what you think you don’t! Try to avoid negative self-talk and steer clear of discussions that heighten anxiety, such as comparing how much you’ve studied with friends.

7. Plan your weekend – Create a realistic timetable for the weekend, balancing study sessions with breaks and relaxation and don’t overdo the study. You need plenty of energy for the exams.

8. Stay connected – Talk to friends and family, if you are feeling overwhelmed reach out and get support from loved ones. If it’s helpful, have a short, focused study session with friends to clarify doubts.

9. Keep things in perspective – The Leaving Cert is important but won’t define you and regardless of what happens you have several options open to you. Try to reframe the media hype as the whole country getting behind you, for what they know to be a tough time for you.

10. Get Set for exam day – Double-check the venue, seating arrangements, and required materials for the day of the exam. On the evening before the exam, do a light review of key concepts but avoid heavy studying. Ensure you know how to get to the exam venue and plan to arrive early (at least 30 mins on the first day). Decide what you’ll wear to avoid rushing in the morning and have your water and snacks ready to go.

Above all else, give the exams your best shot! Once they are over you have a lovely ‘study-free’ summer and bright future to look forward to. Go n-éirí libh ar fad, the very best of luck to each and every one of you!


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Disability toilets for Killarney Library

Works to build new toilet facilities for people with disabilities should commence later this year. Cllr Marie Moloney tabled a motion at a recent Kerry County Council meeting. She said: […]




Works to build new toilet facilities for people with disabilities should commence later this year.

Cllr Marie Moloney tabled a motion at a recent Kerry County Council meeting.
She said: “Application has been made for funding to the Department. As soon as the funding is approved, work will commence on the provision of Disabled Toilet Facilities.
“While ramps are installed for accessibility, it is unacceptable that any public building be without disabled toilet facilities in this day and age.
“I am aware of several people with a disability who constantly use the services of the Library and are very happy with the staff and the services that Killarney Library offers but are disappointed at the lack of disabled toilets.”
“I will be keeping the pressure on to have these facilities provided as soon as possible.”

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