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Politicians pen hilarious football letters




By Michelle Crean

Football fever has reached political levels this week – with two hilarious official Council headed letters littered with plenty of banter and craic - between two high profile Mayors.

Mayor of Kerry Niall Kelleher penned a letter in response to Paul McAuliffe, Lord Mayor of Dublin City Council, who is a Kerry descendent – after receiving an invitation to stay in the Mansion House this weekend.

[caption id="attachment_27871" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Paul McAuliffe, Lord Mayor of Dublin City Council[/caption]

However, it was the content of the Dublin letter, with plenty references to 5-in-a-row, which sparked a funny reaction.

‘Dear Niall,

There i5 5ure to be plenty of banter between your kingdom and my city ahead of the Men5 All Ireland Football Final.

But banter a5ide we are a city of welcome5 and It would be my plea5ure to have you and your wife 5tay a5 our gue5t5 in the Man5ion Hou5e that weekend.’

And after signing off adding in another cheeky reference ‘p.s. 5orry about all the typo5’.

Cllr Kelleher’s response was also just as witty: ‘We would be delighted to accept your invitation. If you don’t mind, we’d like a street facing room to look out at our favourite 37 – the bar across from your house on Dawson Street. I just hope they didn’t name it after the number of times Sam has come to Kerry or else they’ll have to change the name shortly. Some who won’t have to change their names are the fine Dublin players with good Kerry family titles. Like O’Sullivan, O’Carroll, some half of the brogans and indeed your own McAuliffe is straight from our ancient winning land.’

[caption id="attachment_27873" align="aligncenter" width="4480"] Niall Kelleher, Mayor of Kerry[/caption]

He continued ‘I look forward to returning your invite. You can get to Kerry easily, just follow Sam down the road when he’s travelling home. He knows the way fierce well, having been down here 37 times, in case I haven’t mentioned it.’ And signing off he added, ‘Niall Kelleher, Mayor of Kerry, The Kingdom of Ireland, 37 times over’.

“It was a good bit of banter and craic,” Niall told the Killarney Advertiser this week.
“I’m doing a number of events with him between Saturday and Sunday and we’ll do more of it. It’s all about the hype. People are delighted to be in an All-Ireland final. It’s a fantastic achievement for the squad and Peter Keane in his first year.”
And he added that everyone has confidence in their ability.

“They have what it takes to beat the Dublin side. The biggest thing now is to encourage the Kerry people to get behind the team.”

He said the letters were a great talking point over the weekend and he’s looking forward to Sunday’s result.
“I’m looking forward to welcoming back Sam number 38 to the Kingdom!”

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Rathmore students look to the future

Students in Scoil Phobail Sliabh Luachra, Rathmore looked to the future as they explored third level opportunities. The teens took part in a number of activities to mark College Awareness […]




Students in Scoil Phobail Sliabh Luachra, Rathmore looked to the future as they explored third level opportunities.

The teens took part in a number of activities to mark College Awareness Week which was held in schools and other education settings nationwide last week.

The focus throughout the week in their school was to highlight the wide range of options open to them when they leave school and to realise that there are pathways to suit all types of learners.

Students from First to Sixth Year took part in activities to get them thinking about their future plans.

First and Second year students completed a module on ‘My Pathways’ and Third Years had an introductory talk on options after school.

Transition Year students worked on a display on all the options and pathways available after school which will remain up permanently.

Senior Cycle students attended the Careers Fair in Munster Technological University (MTU) where they got a chance to meet universities, colleges of Further Education, agricultural colleges, apprenticeship and more education and training providers from around the country including past sudent Aidan O’Mahony at the stand with An Garda Síochána.

Leaving Cert and LCA students had a really informative talk in school on Further Education and apprenticeships from Ella O’Donoghue, Admissions Officer of Kerry College.

The week finished with a talk for Senior Cycle students on Business and Law options in UCC by Ian Wallace.

“A highlight of the week was the involvement of past students, who sent us video clips on their career stories so far and shared tips with students,” Niamh Dwyer, Guidance Counsellor at the school, said.

“It was fabulous to see how well our former students have done and it was really important for our current students to see the diversity of pathways they have taken including apprenticeships, Further Education courses, university, travel, setting up businesses and returning to education as mature students. We are really grateful to the past students who reconnected with us for this week, their input was inspiring and invaluable.”

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Students have education and fun London trip

Leaving Certificate students from St Brigid’s returned home Saturday night after a hectic four-day tour to London. The 87 girls took a tour of London on their first day in the city […]




Leaving Certificate students from St Brigid’s returned home Saturday night after a hectic four-day tour to London.

The 87 girls took a tour of London on their first day in the city after landing. They visited some of the famous locations on the journey, such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Trafalgar Square. They enjoyed a night at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End watching ‘The Lion King’.

The girls went to The Natural History Museum on day two, which has one of the world’s greatest collections of historical artefacts. They took their time looking around the massive cathedral-like structure’s sculptures and frescoes. Four coloured zones that focus on topics including the environment, evolution, the planet, and wildlife make up the museum’s divisions. They then took pleasure in a trip to the fascinating Science Museum. It was the ideal location for someone with an inquisitive mind, full of amazing things to do and explore.

The Victoria and Albert Museum was the next stop on the itinerary. The V&A’s collection of art spans 5,000 years, from prehistoric periods to the modern era. The Mouse Trap, an Agatha Christie play, was the entertainment for this evening at the St Martin’s Lane Theatre. The play’s 70th anniversary was this week.

On day three, the girls boarded a capsule for a 30-minute spin of the London Eye and marvelled at the breath-taking sights of London. After that, they went to the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Planetarium and Astronomy Centre, where they experienced an amazing adventure through space. They went to the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, planting one foot on the eastern and the other on the western hemisphere of our planet.

The girls ended their evening at what was a highlight for many at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

On the final day before flying home, the girls went to Oxford Street to do a spot of shopping.

“A great trip was had by all where many memories were made,” said Sheree Murphy, one of the teachers who travelled with them on the trip.

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