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My number one rule




By Michael O’Connor,

January tends to bring its fair share of resolutions. Under the blinding influence of Christmas blues, we vow this will be the year we lose weight, the year we drink less, the year we sort out our finances.


So for those about to undertake a forensic examination of their finances in a bid to uncover the mystery of where your money has been disappearing to all these years, here is my number one rule.

Don't overcomplicate it.

In psychology there is a term known as 'complexity bias'. This refers to our tendency to levitate toward the more complex solution, ultimately over-complicating a simple problem.

Those with the most complex solutions get resounding recognition, while the obvious answers get discarded.

In investing, this is everywhere, millions of strategies, thousands of different investment options, each one more convoluted than the next.

And people eat it up, paying portfolio managers through the nose for the privilege of complexity.

My advice: if you're starting out, embrace simplicity.

Everyone wants the optimal portfolio. They want to know the name of the next stock that's going to 10x in value. They want maximum returns. This pursuit of the perfect trade often results in people investing in nothing at all.

We operate in extremes: everything or nothing. The absence of the illusive perfect investment means we do nothing with our money; sitting on our hands, waiting for a life-changing investment to come up and slap us in the face.

Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, and this may be stating the obvious, but some people need to hear it. There is no perfect investment, but thankfully, there are plenty of good ones, and that's a start.

This is where you should focus your efforts. Start with the easy wins.

Simplifying the problem instead of chasing perfection allows you to take the necessary steps to get started. From there, you can build out your investments over time.

The general consensus suggests investing is too risky. I get it. A lot of trading activity can be speculative at best.

But the recent rise in interest rates means there are now higher interest rates, low-risk investments out there.

This is a game-changer. Now there are opportunities for even the most risk-averse investor to enter the market.

In 2022, we all felt first-hand the damage that inflation can do to our savings. Now more than ever, you need to be proactive to ensure you are putting your money to work.

Investment options that are backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government are now offering up to 5%.

This is the perfect place to start. Simple.

Yes, 5% a year won't make you a millionaire overnight, but that's not the game we are playing. At least not yet.

Start by improving your current situation, step by step. If you're accepting pennies from your deposit account, improve your returns by investing in short-term bonds.

Risk-free treasuries offer 4.8%, while the savings account rate for all financial institutions insured by the FDIC is 0.24%.

One simple change will almost 20x your return.

Take the easy wins, it doesn't all have to be as complicated as they make it out to be.

For anyone who is needs help, just reach out to me at or scan the QR code. Always happy to help.

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Trilogy of comedy on offer by Dóchas Drama

By Sean Moriarty Dóchas Drama Group will present a series of three short comedy plays next week. All three plays are written and produced by Dóchas and will be acted […]




By Sean Moriarty

Dóchas Drama Group will present a series of three short comedy plays next week.

All three plays are written and produced by Dóchas and will be acted out by the group’s members.

The opening act, ‘Flossing Around’ is written by Ger Madden and directed by Brian Bowler.

“A woman has an innate fear of the dentist. We go on the journey with her as she faces her fears, with hilarious consequences,” explained the group’s Liz Ryan.

This will be followed by ‘Faraway Hills’ which is written by Mary Quirke and directed by Michael Mills.
It is a tongue in cheek look at family life.

“A son wants to get away from small town life. His mother wants to keep him at home but his father can’t wait to see the back of him,” added Liz, who plays the mother in this short play.

Brain Bowler wrote the third instalment called ‘A Little Visitor’ which is directed by Ryan Jones.

“There are lots of misunderstandings when a hypochondriac visits a group of doctors who have other things on the their minds,” added Liz.

The run, which will feature all three performances each night, starts Wednesday next week and continues Thursday and Friday (February 8 to 10) at the Killarney Avenue Hotel. Tickets are €10 and are available at the door.


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Killarney secures three gold medals in national business awards

Three hotels in Killarney have won gold medals at the Virgin Media Business Gold Medal Awards. Now in its 33rd year, the awards the best of the best in the […]




Three hotels in Killarney have won gold medals at the Virgin Media Business Gold Medal Awards.

Now in its 33rd year, the awards the best of the best in the hotel and catering sectors across the country.

This year, judges received over 460 entries from 150 hotels, guest houses, country houses, restaurants, cafés, bars and catering companies from around Ireland.

“An important factor in the Gold Medal Awards is the credibility and impartial nature of the judging process. Every property that undergoes this process is subject to benchmarking against a strict set of criteria and a blind site inspection conducted by the judging panel,” said an event organiser.

“This panel comprises respected industry experts from across the hospitality, culinary and catering sectors.”

Three Killarney hotels took top awards in different categories at the awards ceremony held at the Galmont Hotel and Spa in Galway on Tuesday night.

The Great Southern Hotel was named as the best Business and Conference Hotel in Ireland.

“To be recognised among the greatest hotels in Ireland is a marvellous achievement for Great Southern. It is fantastic news and has provided all our staff with a little morale boost. Our Business & Conference partners and customers are extremely important to us with some relationships in place annually for over 30 years. Receiving this recognition for the service we provide is a fantastic achievement and testament to the incredible work of our outstanding staff,” said Michael Jacobi Managing Director said.

The best front of house team award went the staff at the Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa.

In the Hotel Casual Dining Experience category the Dunloe Hotel and Gardens came out on top.


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