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Feature: Mayor Marie Moloney

While I was somewhat familiar with Marie, a quick google on the way out the door was quite the eye opener. I admitted as much to Marie upon arrival at the International Hotel and almost apologised for not having featured her before now.

“I’ll be the first interview in your next book Marie,” the Mayor laughed.

“Oh my goodness” I replied “I am barely over the stress of the first”. (‘Behind the Mask, Killarney’ is available in local bookshops).

Mayor Marie Moloney has a long list of voluntary work throughout her career which includes 30 years of service with Meals on Wheels, South of Ireland Bridge Club Secretary, former Boy Scout leader, Chairperson of Board of Management at Killarney Community College, Board of Management at Pobal Social Sliabh Luachra, Board of Management at Kerry ETB, Board of Management at Youth Work Kerry, Board of Management at South Kerry Development Partnership where she is currently working with a team on solar energy pilot. .

She is the Chairperson of the Board of Management for Kerry Respite Care. She on the Board of Management for Kilcummin Development Group, a former senator and continues to work in administration with SIPTU.

With her husband Mike, Marie has enjoyed 30 years with Killarney Musical Society and while she has never been on stage, she has taken many roles such as PRO and Prop Manager.

“Mike is the stage person, I’m not cut out for that but I involved myself in other ways. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them”.

It really is a big deal to be Mayor of anywhere, but a beautiful town like Killarney, truly is an honour.

Marie surmised: “You must be elected by your peers on the council.”

Well, I thought, with a glowing CV as listed above, Marie Moloney is productive in every waking minute of her life and clearly an excellent candidate for the position as Mayor. My only worry is where in the world would she find the time??

“Well you know that other saying Mari, the one where it is suggested that behind every good man there is a good woman? Well in my case it’s the reverse, the credit goes to my husband Mike. I love what I do but I couldn’t have done any of it without his backing.” ”.

Marie and Mike have one daughter Leona in Kildare, an accountant for a treasury company in the USA and whio is married to Martin with two daughters Ayla and Evie. They also have one son, Michael, a well-known GP in Killarney, married to Eilish and they have four children Aoibheann, James, Oliver and Laoibhse.

“The thing I most love about Killarney is it’s people. The unity and pride amongst the community to highlight the beauty and positives always, and the efforts to showcase our great town through festivals like the 4th July, St Patricks Day, Christmas in Killarney are fine examples. The impeccable work of our tidy towns and Killarney looking good truly is outstanding,” said Ms Moloney.

“If I had a magic wand I would certainly improve the flow of traffic throughout Killarney. That would be my first port of call and after I would love to see an indoor facility such as a bowling alley for our youth.
“We have the most amazing beauty in our outdoors of Killarney but we need something for that rainy day also,” Marie replied.

She was first elected to the Killarney Municipal District in 2009, elected on to the Labour Party Panel of Seanad Eireann in 2011 and elected again once more in the 2019 local elections.

“My father canvased for Mike Moynihan. I remember being 18 living my best life with my own flat in Tralee and my father sent a driver for me to come vote at Coolick NS for Mike Moynihan.

“Afterwards I asked my father where was my driver to return to Tralee to which he replied sure he’s long gone. Can’t you get the bus back tomorrow?”

“Mike and I helped Breda Moynihan Cronin in the initial stages of her campaign and I soon became her secretary. Breda was elected to Dáil Éireann at the 1992 general election as a Labour Party TD for Kerry South, succeeding her father. When her seat was no more I continued with Breda voluntarily so when elections came around again that’s when I was elected.”

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Leona named PRO of the year

By Sean Moriarty She is best known for promoting the county’s GAA news – and now Leona Twiss has been rewarded for her efforts. The Gaelic Games Writers’ Association named […]




By Sean Moriarty

She is best known for promoting the county’s GAA news – and now Leona Twiss has been rewarded for her efforts.

The Gaelic Games Writers’ Association named Leona as its Public Relations Officer of the Year at an awards ceremony at Iveagh Gardens in Dublin on Friday night last.

Leona has been the PRO for Kerry GAA for the last five years but will have to step down this year due to County Board rules.

“I was speechless, it was wonderful to get PRO of the Year but I am only as good as the team around me and this success is attributed to the hard work of the entire PR team at Kerry GAA,” she told the Killarney Advertiser.

As well as her busy schedule managing the media affairs for the Kerry County Board, Leona is also principal at Cullina National School in Beaufort.


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Any victory for Ukraine is important!

By Natalya Krasnenkova On the eve of the final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, President Zelensky said “Ukrainians need victory – big and small”. That is why Ukrainians who […]




By Natalya Krasnenkova

On the eve of the final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, President Zelensky said “Ukrainians need victory – big and small”.

That is why Ukrainians who gathered around the world on Saturday night were waiting for Ukraine’s win in the song contest, just like the victory in the war.

The Ukrainians from the Innisfallen Hotel were waiting for that too and the overall winner, Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra, caused a real emotional storm in the hall!

“After my country’s victory at Eurovision, I felt proud, cried, laughed and couldn’t believe it. I am also grateful to everyone who voted for us, because this victory shows how much most European countries support us,” Iryna Melnychuk said.

“Voting around the world for Ukraine gives us hope for support from the world community not only in the Eurovision Song Contest,” said Stepan Krasnenkov.

The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra received the highest number of points from the audience during the entire existence of the competition: 439 points from the audience, 192 points from the professional jury. In the end – 631 points, which brought Ukraine victory.

Also, thanks to the Kalush Orchestra, the whole world now knows about the humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol and the Azovstal enterprises, where wounded Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are under blockade without food, water and medicine.

After their performance, Kalush Orchestra addressed the audience from around the world with a request to save the defenders of Mariupol, who are at the Azovstal plant.

“Please help Ukraine, Mariupol! Help Azovstal! Right now!” – the band called.

After these words, search queries for Azovstal and Mariupol took off on the Internet as people were looking for what they meant.

Irish Eurovision contestant Brooke also sang it and the whole world sings the song of the winners ‘Stefania’.


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