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Keith plans to share his secrets in INEC show




By Tristan O'Donoghue

Keith Barry kicks off his ‘Reconnected’ tour today (Friday) at the Black Box Theatre in Galway, but fear not as it won’t be long until he brings his new show to Killarney this summer.

Keith, who will take to the INEC stage on June 11, has been coming to Killarney for nearly 20 years.

He told the Killarney Advertiser he "can’t wait to get back on stage and have the craic" where he will be full of energy as for the first time, he begins to share some of his secrets with the crowd by teaching one half of the audience how to hack into the other half’s brain.

The show which is designed to "reconnect people emotionally, intellectually and sub-consciously" will also feature Keith performing dangerous demonstrations with a crossbow.

He says the show is to make people "laugh until their faces hurt" but most importantly to make people re-connect and "experience a night of wonder, amazement and a feel-good factor" which will stay with the audience for weeks - after all the whole world has been through a period of isolation.

Keith has always themed his performances which is evident from his last show 'Insanity', which "ended in a full-blown rave". With the theme of this show being reconnection, Keith has said this will be the "most emotionally charged ending to a show that he has ever designed" as he incorporates a spiritual ending to the performance.

When asked if he gets nervous before performing a trick and he said there's always some nerves in case something could go wrong.

"I always have a bit of nerves, things can go wrong. I've got to figure out when they do go wrong how you're going to get out of it. I've learned over the years to turn nerves into positive energy."

Aside from discussing his new show, Keith told the Killarney Advertiser about how much he enjoys performing in Killarney citing the big stage, good lighting, large audience and great energy from the crowd as important factors. He also mentioned the nightlife and great meals that Killarney offers after he finishes his performance including Reidy’s and Treyvaud’s for food and drinks.

"'I usually stay overnight, we always party in Killarney, and have a few drinks afterwards then hit the road the next day."

Keith has worked hard throughout the pandemic, only taking time off for Christmas over the last two and a half years. He is doing really well on television with his show on RTÉ One 'The Keith Barry Experience' every Saturday night where he brings a lot of celebrities along with him. Naturally, Keith is looking forward to well deserved holidays over the summer listing Derrynane, Dingle and Killarney as possible locations.

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Ghost hunter’s video goes viral

By Michelle Crean They have a love of things that go bump in the night – and it seems the public do too – as a Killarney man’s ghost hunting […]




By Michelle Crean

They have a love of things that go bump in the night – and it seems the public do too – as a Killarney man’s ghost hunting video has gone viral.

PJ O’Sullivan from Púca Vogue Paranormal Ireland and his ghost busting team posted a video online around Christmas time, but it was only over the last two weeks that it went viral – clocking up 1.9 million views and over 2k likes on Facebook.

“We were naturally shocked ourselves at this,” PJ, who is originally from Gneeveguilla but lives in St Mary’s Terrace in town, told the Killarney Advertiser.

The video was taken in Redwood Castle in, Lorrha, Co Tipperary in October when the Irish paranormal investigator invited like-minded people to the location for Hallowe’en.

PJ, who has been a paranormal investigator for over 15 years, set up Púca Vogue Paranormal Ireland three years ago and works alongside his son Leo and his partner Eva Walsh.

In the clip, Eva and Liz Kelleher are in the background with singer/songwriter Rebecca McRedmond front and centre.

“On the night we had a total of 10 people in the castle for the lockdown investigation including our own Rory Murphy and Veronika Slomiany,” he said.

“It was filmed on the ground floor inside the main entrance area. It was a Hallowe’en paranormal investigation where we had guests including Damien O’Rourke from Cuppa Tea TV.

“We were investigating the ground floor. It was filmed in total darkness and Rebecca had felt a touch as we started and shortly in this clip she felt another touch at her leg. Eva had also commented the room had now felt tense, so on review of the footage we can see what we believe is her dress floating outward, and on inspection both her ankles show her feet were on the ground; there was no drafts, and it tied in with the experience so we shared that clip.”

He added that they share clips from investigations but let people decide for themselves what it is that they see.

“We share what we believe we capture and this is just a few minutes as a part of the whole night as we investigate the castle over all floors usually from around 9.30pm to 4am with breaks and we have up to five cameras recording in 50 minute segments continuously which we download after for review. But as you can imagine with full-time jobs and life it takes time to review all the footage so we mix what we do with pictures and sites of interest. We are non-profit on all events. We had done Leap Castle the previous night, this is claimed as Ireland’s most haunted castle and again shared the experience, but this is the reel that just took off on Facebook which has us surprised, but we are all very proud of Púca Vogue Paranormal.

“This is not our first capture from this castle as we have previously shared on their social media, we experienced more on the night which we will share at future dates.”

To see the video go to our Facebook page: Púca Vogue Paranormal Investigations.

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Bean in Killarney to cease trading due to rising costs

By Sean Moriarty A Plunkett St coffee shop has been forced to shut its doors due to the soaring costs of doing business. Bean in Killarney opened in late January […]




By Sean Moriarty

A Plunkett St coffee shop has been forced to shut its doors due to the soaring costs of doing business.

Bean in Killarney opened in late January 2021.

Last March it was named as one of the ‘Financial Times’ list of ‘Best Independent Coffee Shops in the World’.

It was just one of 30 coffee shops worldwide – and one of only two in Ireland – to make the list, which includes entries from world cities like Paris, London and Sydney.

Bean in Killarney is a sister café to Bean in Dingle which was set up by brothers Justin and Luke Burgess.

The local branch was managed by brothers Joey and Euan Boland, who are also from Dingle.

It was a popular coffee stop for locals and visitors alike but despite its popularity and accolades, the business could not survive the current economic climate.

“After two great years we have made the really tough decision to close Bean in Killarney,” said a company statement.

“We opened during the height of the lockdown with the hope that when all restrictions came to an end, the shop would kick off like the Dingle one did.

“However, 2022 brought about new challenges and unfortunately ended up being harder rather than easier. We are a family-run business and rapidly rising costs meant we traded less than we did during 2021’s numerous restrictions. We had hoped to ride out the storm, but it’s not possible to continue operating at a loss.”


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