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SPONSORED: How Arvoia is changing the hospitality industry




Technology is revolutionising a lot of different industries, making it easier than ever for businesses to reach their target market and give consumers a better experience.

One Killarney-based tech company, Arvoia, is looking to change the hospitality industry. Arvoia was founded in 2014 and aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to give hoteliers the best chance of increasing customers as well as engagement and revenue.

Rather than just listing room rates by price, the AI-powered platform develops an understanding of each guest's demands in real-time. It then uses this to adjust the hotel's booking engine and website appropriately to prioritise the most relevant rooms, hotel amenities, and content for each potential guest.

This booking engine is already driving greater direct bookings at hotels such as in the UK and Ireland. In one example, the Dalata Hotel Group in Ireland has experienced a steady increase in its average booking value per guest as well as the conversion rate for potential guests over the first three months of deployment.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, in its most basic form, is a field that combines computer science with large datasets to solve problems. While the term may conjure up images of sentient robots from science fiction, the reality is that AI is increasingly being used in our lives.

AI is also used to describe a number of sub-fields, such as machine learning and deep learning. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used in these areas to develop expert systems that make predictions based on input data.

In this sense, AI can be incredibly useful for businesses, as predicting the behaviour of potential customers is invaluable. This is what companies such as Arvoia aim to do, giving hotels more information about potential guests and working out what their needs are. This then provides a personalised booking experience. The company is expanding across Europe and also aims to offer its AI platform to US hotels in 2022.

What's next for Arvoia?

Arvoia collects more than two billion data points across a range of different industries. This includes the hospitality sector as well as travel and mobility. The end result is an AI tool that can be applied to a lot of different businesses. For now, the focus is on hospitality, especially after it recently appointed John Burns to its board of advisors.

As a veteran of the hospitality business, John has worked for multinational hotel brands such as Hyatt and Ramada. In addition, he has plenty of experience working for technology companies such as THISCO (now Pegasus Solutions) and INTRICO over 40 years of his career. He was recognised as one of the 10 hospitality gurus influencing the travel industry by Lodging Magazine and is a member of the HFTP's International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame.

The platform is unique from other hotel booking platforms such as in that it gives hotels independent access to the tools. This means that hotels themselves can make the most of the AI, rather than losing out on revenue to a third-party service.

The AI platform, according to Mike Webster, CEO of Arvoia, is "the world's most advanced AI solution for hoteliers," citing the service's spread throughout European properties. "It has resulted in increased direct customers, revenue, and guest happiness without requiring the hotel to invest in new technology," he explained.

While the hotel industry is the main focus of Arvoia right now, the Killarney-based company could yet move to other sectors too. Restaurants, travel agencies, and airlines could all benefit from AI-powered tools. As the demand for this technology increases, the future looks bright for Arvoia.

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Do facial treatments hurt?

It can be difficult to book your first facial, as you aren’t sure what your skin needs or what’s involved, but don’t worry, as that’s our job to make it […]




It can be difficult to book your first facial, as you aren’t sure what your skin needs or what’s involved, but don’t worry, as that’s our job to make it an easy process.

One of the most asked questions I get asked is do facials hurt? The short answer is no, but I have to admit it depends on your skin type and what is required. Squeezing black heads isn’t the most comfortable moment during a facial, but we always have the skin well prepared, exfoliated and softened, and use steam to open the pores. Mostly a facial is super relaxing and comfortable.

Summer weather tends to bring with it oily skin and breakouts, but it’s often less acne prone in the winter. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting regular facials throughout the year however. The best way to see the benefits of a facial is to get them consistently. A good facial will have the products tailored to your skin type.

You have nothing to loose but excess oil and dead skin cells. I have a feeling men are more sensitive than women as they always ask about the pain involved first!

Give me a call to book in or if you’ve any other questions ring 064 6632966.

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Plan ahead for College Open Days

Niamh Dwyer is a Guidance Counsellor in Scoil Phobail Sliabh Luachra, Rathmore. For more careers information see or follow @mycareerplan on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.




By Niamh Dwyer, Chairperson of the Kerry Branch of Guidance Counsellors

The College Open Day season for 2023 entrants starts in earnest in early October.

From then on, the Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and Agricultural colleges will showcase what they have to offer to potential students. Further Education Colleges tend to host their open days from January onwards. Thankfully HEIs are back to hosting in-person open days but many are offering more specific information sessions on particular courses and departments virtually. College Open Days give students and parents a great chance to find out lots of interesting and detailed information about courses of interest and the many supports available, as well as giving the opportunity to get a feel for the college by availing of campus tours. You will find a complete list of the open days in the events sections of and on so take some time to make a list of the ones you want to attend.

Prepare and plan 

Do some basic research on the courses on offer. Check the entry requirements for each course of interest as you will need to meet these to be eligible to compete for a place on the course. Check out the modules and whether Erasmus or travel abroad options are available, as well as work placement. Don’t ignore a course or open day because you don’t expect to get enough points. You may do far better than you anticipate.
Have a good look at the college website – register for the open day in advance, download the schedule of talks and make note of the ones you want to attend. Make sure to download a map of the campus so you know exactly where to find the talks and presentations of interest. Jot down any questions you have as you will hopefully get a chance to talk to college staff and/or current students. Plan to arrive in plenty time as there are likely to be very large crowds attending. On the day, try to gather information about accommodation, clubs and societies and student supports. Many HEIs run talks for parents and on grants, HEAR (Higher Education Access Route) and DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) so check them out. Make sure to get contact details for any staff members which may be important later for follow-up questions.


There is nothing like a College Open Day to give you a sense of what the campus feels like. Soak up the atmosphere and consider if the size of the campus is the best fit for you. Larger campuses can be intimidating for some students while exciting for others. Smaller campuses can feel more comfortable and manageable. You will know what feels right for you. Bear in mind that open days have a festival feel to them and regular college days are not always like that. This may be your only chance to visit the campus before you register there as a student so make the most of your day and enjoy it!

Niamh Dwyer is a Guidance Counsellor in Scoil Phobail Sliabh Luachra, Rathmore. For more careers information see or follow @mycareerplan on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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