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Do you have an energy crash in the afternoon?




By Angela Kerrisk from Activate Fitness 

You know that feeling when you’re sitting at your desk and suddenly fatigue washes over you like a tidal wave - you are crashing fast and ready for an afternoon nap. We have all experienced it! It's most likely a result of a number of things, not just that you’re in need of another cup of coffee.


There is a natural rhythm or set clock in our bodies, and many people tend to feel a little sleepy in the afternoon. But don't blame it all on your body's internal clock, your body makes you sleepy, but it is your own lifestyle habits that may be causing this energy crash. If you’re not exactly sure of what’s causing this energy slump, pay attention to what time of day it typically occurs.

One reason for that afternoon crash is that you are experiencing a dip in blood sugar, generally a result of your cortisol rising too high in the morning due to external factors such as coffee, a carbohydrate-rich breakfast or a carb-heavy lunch, not getting enough sleep the previous night, or being dehydrated. A combination of these puts you… yup, right around that mid-afternoon crash time.

How can you avoid this?

If you're feeling sluggish in the early afternoon, ask yourself these questions:

Did I eat breakfast?
What did I eat for breakfast? (A cup of coffee doesn't count)
What did I eat for lunch?

Eating smaller balanced, more frequent meals and snacks throughout the day, say every three to four hours, may help minimise the spikes and dips in your blood sugar. Balance these with a mix of the different, important macronutrients; carbs, protein and fat, and note it’s important to include them all throughout the day. This balanced combination will help your blood sugar and energy levels stay steadier after you’ve finished eating. And it should go without saying but eating enough throughout the day will help boost your energy and ability to focus too, so don’t skip meals!

Prioritise sleep. Consistently not sleeping enough can lead to significant sleep deprivation. If you get better sleep at night, you’ll be less tired during the day and less likely to experience an afternoon slump.

Drink plenty of water. If dehydration is a contributing factor to your afternoon fatigue, make it a habit to keep a reusable bottle of water handy and sip from it regularly. If you’re not exercising regularly, you're more likely to experience lower energy levels throughout the day.

Get out at lunchtime for some fresh air and boost your vitamin D. Even if it’s just a walk around the office, movement can help you feel less sleepy.

It’s natural for your energy levels to rise and fall throughout the day. A severe dip though, can throw off your entire day. Pay close attention to what time the slump hits and then consider how your lifestyle may be contributing to it. Typically, a change of diet or a better sleep routine can make all the difference.

If you find that daily fatigue is severely impacting your ability to concentrate, talk to your doctor to rule out any potential underlying causes.

If you would like help to create a more balanced lifestyle and help with nutrition, visit today and schedule a complimentary nutrition consultation.

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One of Killarney’s great motorsport legends passes awayBy Cormac Casey

Dermot O’Sullivan, of Ardshanavooly, Killarney, sadly passed away this week. This popular Killarney businessman started in motorsport in 1968 participating in tarmac and forestry rallying and later in hot rod […]




Dermot O’Sullivan, of Ardshanavooly, Killarney, sadly passed away this week.

This popular Killarney businessman started in motorsport in 1968 participating in tarmac and forestry rallying and later in hot rod racing.

A high point in his motorsport career was competing on the 1982 Circuit of Ireland in his Datsun Sunny, at a time when competitors had no pacenotes, relying on sheer wit and skill.

In 2005, after a 23-year gap, he returned to rallying in a Talbot Sunbeam competing in the Killarney Historic Rally with his son Paul in the navigator’s seat, and competed in various events till 2009.

Whenever the glory of days of Kerry rallying are discussed in local pubs during the wee hours, it was certain that Dermot’s name would be mentioned. He had a sideways style of driving that kept every spectator entertained.

As much a flamboyant competitor behind the wheel of his Datsun, his ability to tell a good story was equally entertaining.

As a young motorsport enthusiast, I waited with anticipation each week as Dermot called to the ‘Advertiser’ office in Woodlawn to placing his weekly advert, to hear his animated description of his exploits on the rallying stages. As time went on, the stories never faded, and I always enjoyed our encounters.

Dermot establishing a successful chainsaw and lawnmower business in the 1970’s, down Pawn Office Lane, off High Street, Killarney. In true entrepreneurial spirit he saw a gap in the market, soon after establishing O’Sullivan’s Cycles as one of the first to introduce bike rental to Killarney, a business venture that is still successful today under the guidance of the current O’Sullivan generations.

A true character and an absolute gentleman. May he rest in peace.

Our sincere condolences to wife, Mary, sons Paul, Derry and David, daughters-in-law Barbara, Denise and Fiona, grandchildren Megan, Luke, Kate and Ciara and his great granddaughter Ava, his sisters Breda and Maureen and brother John, brother-in-law Bill, sister-in-law Ann, nieces, nephews, relatives, neighbours, and many great friends.


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Kerry’s youth celebrated at the Lee Strand/Kerry Garda Youth Achievement Awards

This year’s overall winner of the Lee Strand Kerry Garda Youth Achievement is Ryan Griffin from Waterville who was nominated by Mairead O’Sullivan from Killorglin Family Resource Centre. Ryan Griffin […]




This year’s overall winner of the Lee Strand Kerry Garda Youth Achievement is Ryan Griffin from Waterville who was nominated by Mairead O’Sullivan from Killorglin Family Resource Centre.

Ryan Griffin is a member of the Skellig Stars and was chosen to represent Kerry at the Special Olympics.
Ryan’s biggest hurdle is communication and he had to overcome this during his trip to Berlin for the big event.

Ryan has overcome his disabilities by focusing on all the great abilities he has. Ryan attends mainstream school in Coláiste na Sceilge where he is a very respected member of the School Community. He is a member of Kerry Stars and also Downs Syndrome Kerry.

Ryan has always had a keen interest in sport and even played with the local team in Waterville, but now Ryan thinks it’s too fast for him so he prefers to cheer them on from the side-lines.

Ryan has always been involved with the Community and they have never left him out. Ryan started out his athletics career with Skellig Stars and without them he would have gone to the Special Olympics and he has never forgotten when he came from.

Ryan and his family are very grateful to the local community in Waterville and the surrounding area for all the support they have given them over the years and especially now with the Special Olympics coming closer.

The whole community from Waterville to Mid-Kerry got behind Ryan, raising funds to help his family go to Berlin for 2 weeks. Ryan is now an inspiration to others to overcome difficulties and “go for gold”.

Ryan was the only representative from Kerry on this years Irish Special Olympics Team and in fact one of the Youngest Athletes on Team Ireland at only 16yrs of age, which was a great honour for him.
This in itself is a great achievement but it also shows his friends at Skellig Stars, Downs Syndrome Kerry and in the wider community that dreams do come true.

It took a lot of hard work and determination on Ryan’s behalf to make these dreams come true, not least the long journey he had to make from South Kerry to Dublin once a month since last January to train for the Special Olympics. He also trained weekly with the Skellig Stars.

At the 2023 Special Olympics in Berlin Ryan took part in the 100m run and the relay but his biggest achievement was winning the Silver Medal in the mini javelin. This showed others that overcoming difficulties can be possible and you can achieve your goals with hard work and determination, which Ryan has in abundance.

Local Merit Awards

Aliza Gul, Killarney
Joey McCarthy, Killarney
John O’Connor, Killarney
Nattagun Ryan, Killarney
Samuel Behal, Killarney
St Brendan’s Choir, Killarney

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