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Dead horse leaves residents desperate



“I am writing this email to you and concealing who I am for my safety and the safety of the concerned residents of Pinewood Estate, so please don’t disclose or reach out to find out who I am but just know that what I am about to share is 100% true and an ongoing issue within the estate.”

These were the opening lines of a distressing anonymous email received by the Killarney Advertiser late on Tuesday evening. It followed an incident on Monday where a horse was left to die on the front green of the Killarney Housing Estate. What followed was a detailed account of a series of allegations of animal neglect by one person. 

To substantiate the claims, the Killarney Advertiser met with the sender of that email, along with another resident who provided us with details of the incident including photos. Due to the distressing nature of the photos we have decided not to publish them. 

“The guards were called on Monday after one of this man’s horses was seen lying on the green in the middle of the estate, unable to get up. The guards were called to the scene, but they left again for a time. They waited for two hours for someone to come pick up the horse, but unfortunately, the horse took its last breath. Children had to see of all this happening as it is in the public area of the estate,” said the upset resident. One of the residents explained this was not the first incident and that residents have been reporting animal welfare issues to both animal welfare groups and the Gardai.

“All of these issues relate to the same man. I rescued a dog on Friday the 15th of September 2023. The days leading up to the rescue, the same man that owned the horse was keeping two dogs in a horse box in terrible conditions. I was walking home one day when I came across a very sick puppy coming out of the horse box which was open. It followed me and went into my neighbour’s house. I got a number for an animal rescue online and they told me to bring the dog to the local veterinary clinic which I did with the help of another resident. I then rang the guards to make a complaint, explaining that I had rescued one puppy, but I was afraid there could be more dogs in the horse box still or around the area. They went out to investigate, but I am not sure what they found.”

The Advertiser contacted the Killarney Garda station this week. We spoke with Garda Ken O’ Sullivan who said they responded to a call about the horse in Pinewood Estate. They are now liaising with Kerry County Council on the matter. 

The Advertiser asked the Garda Press office if they were aware of any other complaints regarding cruelty to animals on the estate. At time of publication, we were awaiting a reply.

A spokesperson for Kerry County Council said, “Kerry County Council is in receipt of complaints and is liaising with the relevant authorities”.

The residents said that they have also reached out to Cllr. Martin Grady who has been working in the background to deal with some of the issues raised and speaking to the Killarney Advertiser this week he commented:

“I have been made aware of a number of incidents in the Pinewood estate relating to anti-social behaviour and animal cruelty. It is very sad to see these proud Pinewood residents suffering because of the trouble caused by one or two. Shame on anyone who treats humans or helpless animals this way. It was heart-breaking to see a malnourished horse not able to stand up without being assisted.”

The two concerned residents we spoke with this week said that they are at their wits end with the 'carry-on'. They hope that highlighting the issues with the authorities and this publication that action will be taken. 

“We take great pride in where we live and it’s just upsetting to see one individual doing this, we hope that by highlighting the issue the relevant bodies can step in and support the community who are afraid to approach this man themselves”.

If you suspect animal cruelty close to where you live please call KSPCA on 066 7128588 or the ISPCA national helpline on 0818 515 515



Gleeson Dental now offering facial aesthetics

Gleeson Dental, located on St Anthony’s Place, is now offering facial aesthetics. It is the latest offering from the town centre practice. Dr Susan Gleeson graduated as a general dental […]



Gleeson Dental, located on St Anthony’s Place, is now offering facial aesthetics.

It is the latest offering from the town centre practice.

Dr Susan Gleeson graduated as a general dental surgeon 27 years ago.

She previously worked in England and Cork before returning home to Killarney in 2009 to take over her father’s dental practice with her sister Katie.

“More recently, I decided to pursue my keen interest in facial aesthetics. Hence, I embarked on an intensive training course,” she told the Killareny Advertiser.
“This mentorship is under the guidance of Dr Sheila Li, a Harley Street based dentist with over 10 years’ experience in facial aesthetics. Every year following an interview process, Sheila takes on six trainees and I was lucky enough to get this amazing training opportunity.”
The course is a year-long process involving in-depth learning and hands-on clinical training days in Dr Sheila’s Harley Street clinic.
The course, also, extends to treatment planning cases with Dr Sheila, thus allowing access to her vast knowledge when planning treatments for Dr Gleeson’s patients.
“Therefore, I am now able to offer a vast array of facial aesthetic treatments at Gleeson Dental. These treatments include the use of Botox to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to this, Botox has a wide range of additional applications, including the treatment of tooth grinding, headaches, gummy smiles, neck bands and excessive underarm sweating,” she added.
Dermal filler treatments are, also, available to treat issues related to volume loss while skin booster treatments such as Sunekos and Profhilo can be used to regenerate and rehydrate tired looking skin.
Facial aesthetics may conjure up images of over-filled expressionless people but Susan hopes to change people’s view of it.


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Killarney postcode V93 home to the county’s most-expensive properties

With properties both for rent and for sale in short supply, prices in the Killarney area have remained strong. In fact, houses with the V93 eircode were, once again, the […]




With properties both for rent and for sale in short supply, prices in the Killarney area have remained strong.

In fact, houses with the V93 eircode were, once again, the most expensive homes in Kerry over the past 12 months according to data published by the CSO Residential Property Price Index. The report shows that in the year to December 2023, the average cost of buying a home in Kerry was €242,000 up 5% from the previous year’s figure of €230,000
Nationally that figure now stands at €327,000.
The average house price within the V93 eircode region was €284,000, 17% approx. above the average price for a home within the county.
With supply levels at an all time low and with very little new construction in the pipeline, there is little sign of this changing in the immediate term.

Commenting on the market, Ted Healy of DNG, has expressed concern with the low volume of properties available for sale at present.
‘We have lots of interested buyers seeking property in the Killarney area but unfortunately, we cannot satisfy the demand at present. The past 12 months has seen us securing sales in record time for record levels.”

DNG Ted Healy will be launching a new development of townhouses in the Woodlawn area to the market in the coming months and report that demand is exceptionally high.
The expect these properties to sell out in record time.
And with construction due to commence shortly on another scheme of detached houses on Muckross Road, it is looking like a busy year ahead.
However, this will not be enough to satisfy the demand at present. Properties within the V93 area are highly sought after and in very short supply, resulting in strong prices being achieved.
So is now a good time to sell your property? Yes, according to DNG Ted Healy who is actively seeking properties for sale to satisfy their ever expanding list of buyers.


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