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Ambitious Prince Charming proves he has The Voice




​​​Next week he'll appear on stage playing the lead as Prince Charming - but Killarney student David Lynch has just completed the first round of auditions for The Voice UK!

The Killarney Community College student has some real talent and it was double the excitement when I visited the school for their promo panto shots for their upcoming production of 'Cinderella'.

Just back from the first round of auditions for The Voice UK - I was bursting to hear about the audition process and his first attempt at applying.

“I didn’t apply at all Marie," David explained.

"The team sought me out through my TikTok account would you believe! At first I thought it was through my busking post on the streets of Tralee, but once I had time to think about it, the post that got the most views on my account was Viva La Vida by Cold Play. It had over 32,000 viewings. I had tagged my sister Emma, who is away at college, on this performance, and gave it the hashtag #fyp (For You Page). I couldn’t believe it. I processed my application with three demos and, sure enough, the production team came back to me with a date. Soon my dad and I were off to Manchester, thanks to my sister Emma who booked the flights instantly on receiving the exciting news.”

Both David and his dad Mike travel to Killarney Community College (KCC) from Tralee. Mike is a PE and Maths teacher there and David is in Second Year. He is currently cast as ‘Prince Charming’, the lead role, in the school's upcoming panto alongside Cinderella, played by Amy Healy. It takes place on stage at the school next week on November 8 and 9.

“My sister Emma attended KCC too, so I was never going anywhere else. I love Killarney. My grandaunt Mary and granduncle Tom own the Speakeasy Bar on High Street."

“So what did you sing? Were the queues a mile long?" I asked, excited to know the finer detail of the build up to auditions.


Media City UK, Manchester was like a Disneyland for media, he explained.

"We stayed close by at the Premier Inn, a stone's throw from the set of Coronation Street. So well organised, I think there were four auditions per hour with two people on the adjudicating panel. I thought to bring my guitar but I might as well have brought a third person as the price was pretty much the same. I did think there would be an option of instruments available which there was thankfully. Apart from two guys on sound, the two adjudicators and dad and I, that was it. I was there and ready to perform. When asked for my backing track I asked for the use of their piano. A deep breath and just a few bars in, all I could hear was CUT! I thought, that’s it, I’m done! Thankfully not the situation at all. It was merely a quick tweak on the outage of sound and I was back again banging out Cold Play's ‘Viva La Vida’ to the very best of my ability. From start to finish, I was happy with my performance.”

"And did you have another song prepared if they asked you to give them a feel for something else?" I asked.

“There was a lot of whispering going on Marie and they did, they asked me to sing another song. Although I am a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, I didn’t submit any of his songs. The three I had chosen were 'Viva La Vida' by Cold Play, 'Rome' by Dermot Kennedy and 'Writing's on the Wall' by Sam Smith. They chose ‘Rome’, an Irish song and perhaps a song they hadn’t heard of before which I really hope has worked to my advantage. Time will tell. If I am successful and through to the next round, it will be early December. I have heard rumours that Ronan Keating is somewhat involved this time too. Before I left they asked me about my interests and hobbies. I could only give an honest answer which was ‘honestly, I do nothing other than music’ and that’s the truth of it,” David replied.


I’ve since gone and followed ‘David Lynch Music’ on TikTok awaiting his updates, so I was glad I had asked who was his biggest influence?

“I’m pretty much self-taught Marie and like I said, I really enjoy Ed Sheeran, but hands down my sister Emma is the person who has influenced me the most. She’s fantastic. She’s a Third Year student studying Childcare and she still finds time to help me anytime I need her so yeah, definitely Emma. This accomplishment would not have been possible without her."

As I left Killarney Community College and Prince Charming himself, David added “I’ll be delighted if I get through to the next round Marie. Put it this way, if I get through to the next round I’ll let you know. I will surely be taking Emma with me this time but only on the condition she promises to stay well away from Pennys!” David laughed, but all the while he was hugely sincere about the terms and conditions.

As I snapped David, to my delight he began to sing. Watch this space I thought - and watch out Cinderella, this hugely talented Prince Charming is more than capable of charming a whole lot more, I assure you!

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Massive Park Road housing development given green light

A private developer has been given planning permission to build 249 new residential units at Upper Park Road. The development, which will be built on a recently cleared site near […]




A private developer has been given planning permission to build 249 new residential units at Upper Park Road.

The development, which will be built on a recently cleared site near An Post’s sorting office, will include a variety of properties from five-bed houses to single apartments, along with a crèche and over 500 car spaces and over 300 bike spaces.

The development has been welcomed by local councillor Martin Grady.

“Killarney has a massive housing shortage so this is very positive. It will retain young families in the area, stimulating economic growth,” he said. “After 17 years of different planning applications it’s finally coming to fruition.”

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Ballydribeen residents living in fear due to anti-social behaviour

Residents in the Ballydribeen are living in fear as a result of increased anti-social behaviour in the estate. Several serious incidents in the estate have resulted in several Garda visits […]




Residents in the Ballydribeen are living in fear as a result of increased anti-social behaviour in the estate.

Several serious incidents in the estate have resulted in several Garda visits in the last week.

Local councillor Martin Grady told the Killarney Advertiser that residents are “living in fear” as a result of very serious incidents in the last week alone.

One house in the estate was badly damaged when fire crackers were placed inside a letter box.

Another house had its windows smashed in over the weekend.

“It’s a major problem,” added Grady after meeting residents there earlier this week.

One of the most serious incidents occurred on Tuesday night.

A passing motorists had rocks thrown at his car while driving along the bypass whch is adjacent to the estate.
Taking to social media, local primary-school teacher Pádraig O’Sullivan posted:

“Travelling home tonight, at 11.05pm on the Killarney side of the bypass our car was hit by a rock – not a pebble – from the Ballydribben side , which hit the passenger door.

“It was centimetres away from hitting the window where my father, who is visually impaired, was sitting.

“This could have caused catastrophic permanent injury to him.

“The Killarney Garda were on the scene within three minutes.

“They can’t be patrolling the bypass all night.

“It comes down to parenting. You should know where your children are at this hour and be able to teach them what’s funny and what ruin a person’s life or cause a fatal crash.“

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