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Initiative is something most of us think about when it comes to our careers, but we don’t think of it as often when it comes to our health, says fitness expert Brian Foley from Activate Fitness.

For our jobs, doing excellent work is not simply following directions or following through with projects; it is actively searching for areas within our purview that need improvement and taking steps, on our own, to improve those areas.

Even at work, an area we all focus on doing our best, going above and beyond a “job description” is not often sought out.

When someone consistently goes above and beyond, they will outperform their peers in almost every area.

Taking initiative isn’t an unfamiliar concept. Most people would say they try, and hope to show initiative with their careers. However, outside of their jobs we see many that don’t take initiative with their health. They tend to be too busy with work, family, hobbies, etc and have many reasons why their health is second place.

The problem with this is a fact no-one likes to admit: Our health enables us to work, it enables us to spend time with our family, and it gives us the capacity to enjoy our hobbies.
Without our health, we lose all of these things.


Initiative comes into play when we get ahead of health problems by prioritising our wellness. We look for things we can improve now, not later. We choose to eat less sugar, less processed foods and more healthy, natural meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds. We choose to prioritise our workouts, regardless of our schedules, and workout three to five days a week even if it’s simply walking!

We choose to take time for ourselves even if it’s only 10-20 minutes snuck in where we can to read, relax, and allow our mind, a huge part of our overall health, time to unwind.

Taking the initiative to take care of our health will help us stay ahead of serious issues that result from poor nutrition, lack of overall fitness, or sub-par mental health. Each of these areas, when neglected, can cause problems that we can’t postpone or avoid, as much as we would like to tell ourselves differently.

As painful as it may be to confront, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, to only name a few, are the consequences of putting our wellness second.

Take initiative with these simple steps and help keep your health from forcing you to focus on it:

• Find three days and times during the week you can put aside at least 20 minutes to workout. Add them to your calendar and mark them ‘busy’. Let your family or friends know this time is off limits and that you need their help making sure you stick to your schedule.

• Have some quiet time each day. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, you’ll be amazed at the change it will make.

• Make a simple shopping list of meats, vegetables and healthy options. When you go to the shop, only allow yourself to buy what’s on your list. Every time you do this, you’ll be one more step healthier.

Don’t worry about perfecting the above, focus on a little bit each day, but don’t sit and do the minimum - look for small ways each day you can improve your health.
It will pay out in a huge way for you, your family, and those you care about.

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Do facial treatments hurt?

It can be difficult to book your first facial, as you aren’t sure what your skin needs or what’s involved, but don’t worry, as that’s our job to make it […]




It can be difficult to book your first facial, as you aren’t sure what your skin needs or what’s involved, but don’t worry, as that’s our job to make it an easy process.

One of the most asked questions I get asked is do facials hurt? The short answer is no, but I have to admit it depends on your skin type and what is required. Squeezing black heads isn’t the most comfortable moment during a facial, but we always have the skin well prepared, exfoliated and softened, and use steam to open the pores. Mostly a facial is super relaxing and comfortable.

Summer weather tends to bring with it oily skin and breakouts, but it’s often less acne prone in the winter. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting regular facials throughout the year however. The best way to see the benefits of a facial is to get them consistently. A good facial will have the products tailored to your skin type.

You have nothing to loose but excess oil and dead skin cells. I have a feeling men are more sensitive than women as they always ask about the pain involved first!

Give me a call to book in or if you’ve any other questions ring 064 6632966.

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The ultimate Quest makes a welcome return to Killarney

Adventure race enthusiasts from around the country gathered in Killarney on Saturday for the much anticipated return of Quest Killarney. Last held in 2019, this year’s event attracted over 2,500 […]




Adventure race enthusiasts from around the country gathered in Killarney on Saturday for the much anticipated return of Quest Killarney.

Last held in 2019, this year’s event attracted over 2,500 participants who signed up to run, cycle and kayak their way around some of the most iconic scenery in the country.

Gap of Dunloe, Ladies View, Mangerton Mountain and Torc Waterfall were just some of the stunning locations along five routes of varying distances: 25km, 55km, 66km (run and cycle only), 75km, and 83km. The choice of routes allowed everyone from beginners to those with more experience to take part, as well as taking into account varying post-lockdown fitness levels!

Taking part this year were a couple of popular first-timers. Fresh from RTÉ’s Hell Week was Kerry’s own viral Instagrammer Tadgh Fleming who completed the 55k Sport Route. A fresh looking Tadgh said at the finish that Quest Killarney was, “Nothing like Hell Week, a bit harder I think! But really enjoyed it, I’d highly recommend it, going for the Pro next time!”

Incorporating Quest Killarney on her transformative weight loss journey was an elated Patricia Lewis (Trisha Transformations) who completed the 27km Challenge route, and had this to say as she crossed the finish line: “Anyone who’s thinking about doing it, don’t even hesitate, register now!”

Now on its tenth event, Quest Killarney, the world’s biggest adventure race, enjoys a growing reputation as a challenging race with a friendly atmosphere. It is also popular with visitors and participants alike as they are introduced to the stunning natural charm of Killarney’s glorious lakes and imposing mountains.

First home in the 83km Expert route was Niall Davis in a time of 04:17:55. In second place was Sebastien Giraud (04:32:47), and in third was Garry Carroll (04:34:24).
Kerry’s own Ellen Vitting (based in Kenmare) and RTÉ Hell Week finalist, was the first female home in 05:02:07. In second position was Laura O’Driscoll (05:18:43), in third position was Eimear O’Brien (05:27:13).

Overall male winner in the 73km Pro route was Dwayne Flynn (03:48:47) and overall female winner was Siobhan Dineen (04:08:37). Overall winners in the 55km ‘Sport’ route were Kevin McGuinness (02:13:08) in the men’s race and Orlaith Smith (02:34:45) in the women’s race. Winners of the 65km ‘Dual’ route were men’s race Liam Aherne (02:40:40) and women’s race Emer Monaghan (03:09:49). Winners of the 27km ‘Challenge’ route were Larry Stapleton for the men (01:13:27) and Niamh Hickey for the women (01:21:08).

Competitors were treated to hot food and music at the finish line, with prize-giving at The Gleneagle Hotel whose significant sponsorship and exceptional support continues to contribute to a positive day for everyone.

“We are thrilled that Quest Killarney has once again proven so popular with adventurers who are looking for a new challenge,” Oliver Kirwan, Race Organiser, said.

“Killarney itself is a great draw to visitors both from Kerry and further afield, introducing new people every year to its inspirational terrain. We are very much looking forward to preparing for 2023 as we encourage more people to discover their next adventure and put themselves to the Quest! We are grateful to everyone who gave us support and volunteered their time. We’d like to thank our main event sponsors Volvo and The Gleneagle Hotel, and also the contribution of our event partners All Real, Gnarly Peaks, Nuasan and MCG Kayaks.”

Organisers Elite Event Management are delighted to announce their event dates for 2023: Quest Kenmare on 11 March 2023, Quest Glendalough on 1 April 2023, Quest Lough Derg on 9 September 2023, and Quest Killarney on 7 October 2023.

For more information on next year’s events please visit

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