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Protect, detox, and energise your face




This is one of the most amazing facials I have ever used or had the pleasure of having it performed on me.

Sothys Detox Energy Facial uses so many amazing ingredients that it really does do what it's supposed to do. This facial is helping the skin's microbiomes (a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins) to help and defend against the harmful effect of the environment stresses and pollution which speeds up ageing. The real power comes from exclusive ingredients of organic elderberry, organic Siberian ginseng - peptides, powerful ingredients for anti-pollution and protection detox and energy action on skin cells. After this treatment your skin will feel completely recharged and ready to take on the environment.

It starts with a double cleanse, followed by a deep exfoliation using Enzymatic Exfoliating, ozone steam is applied over the exfoliating paste, a chemical within the steamer that helps kill bacteria. The exfoliation process is an extremely important step. We use a combination of exfoliating beads to manually remove dead cells and invisible glycolic acid to eat away at the lower layers of dead cells. For the glycolic to really do its work it has to be left on the skin for eight minutes. While this is working away to reveal new fresh skin, we perform a facial massage movement unique to Sothys called the “Digi-esthetique”.


Created in partnership with a qualified osteopath, this massage technique works on the acupressure points on the face to improve blood circulation and enhance skin radiance. It's like a revitalising full body massage but for the face. Detoxifying serums are then applied to the skin. All the steps in this facial come individually packaged for optimum hygiene and keep the ingredients active. Some ingredients start to lose their super powers when exposed to air. A pressure point massage is used to help the serums soak deep into the basal layer of skin to promote collagen and elastin growth. This is followed by another digi-massage for relaxation and comfort, finishing with a three-phase mask. It's applied over a gauze which is lifted into place from the collar bone, tightening the jowl and jaw line area. A rich hydrating cream mask infused with hyaluronic acid is applied, followed with a mixture of pure vitamin C which is added to the clay mask just before application to get the full benefits. This really helps to brighten the complexion, and the clay helps to build defences against the environment. While the mask is on acupressure cranial massage techniques are preformed to the forehead and head to help relax the muscles even further to allow the amazing ingredients sink deeper into the lower layers of skin where they can really get to work on repairing cells and promoting growth. You will step out of the treatment feeling brighter, more charged and your skin glowing. Your complexion will have a visible boost of energy and radiance.

For more information or to book a facial call Jill on 064 6632966.

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This week it’s all about the eyes

By Jill O’Donoghue from Killarney Toning and Beauty Studio Our eyes and eyebrows are natural beauty features that help to frame our face to achieve the famous no make-up look. A […]




By Jill O’Donoghue from Killarney Toning and Beauty Studio

Our eyes and eyebrows are natural beauty features that help to frame our face to achieve the famous no make-up look.

A good eyebrow shape and tint really helps to give this look so you won’t have to try to draw or fill in the brows.

This is a popular treatment with both men and women. The lash lift can give you a natural boost, by lifting, conditioning, curling up which helps to open the eye giving it a brighter, more open look. Also, by tinting with the lash lift you are darkening; this helps the lashes look fuller and you won’t need to wear mascara. Your eye lashes will look very fluttery. You would even think you were wearing extensions without the damage to the natural lashes and its suitable for all ages. Even the shortest of lashes will be lifted.

The eyes and hands are some of the most important places for anti-ageing. With all the hand sanitising, it’s important to use hand cream more often. I always recommend applying just before bed so it can have time to really get to work on hydrating the hands. It’s clear from all my years of anti-ageing skincare for the face that hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient for hydration and anti-ageing. If you feel you need a boost for the hands, it’s a great idea to try a warm paraffin hand manicure which is a game changer for the hydration of the hands. SPF is essential to reduce and prevent further age spots. Use an eye cream morning and night, followed by an eye mask once a week and an eye facial once a month. Eye facials can be added into your regular facial for an extra lift.

Eyes for me are an area that needs most work as they don’t have any sebaceous glands of their own unlike the rest of the body. I often hear people saying they are allergic to eye cream, mostly it’s applied wrong or into the eye. Imagine you were looking at a skull – the bone of the eye socket is far back from the actual eye itself. You apply the eye cream on the bone area, just under the eyebrow and well under the eye using the ring finger as not to drag the skin as it’s super delicate. Use light circular motion from the inner corner under the eyebrow out to the temple lifting the brow as you go. It will drop with time and gravity, so it’s our job to encourage it to stay in place by exercising the muscle.

For more information or to book a skin consultation for the New Year, call Jill on 064 6632966.

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Night time is a restorative time for your skin

By Jill O’Donoghue from Killarney Toning and Beauty Studio I get asked a lot about night creams. If you think you’re too young or too old to use them, guess […]




By Jill O’Donoghue from Killarney Toning and Beauty Studio

I get asked a lot about night creams. If you think you’re too young or too old to use them, guess again.

The production of collagen, a super building block in the maintenance of skin, hair and nails, begins to decrease as early as 25.

Night creams contain active ingredients that can’t be used during daylight hours as they react with the sun including Vitamin C, collagen, CoQ10, retinol, AHA’s, glycolic acids, hyaluronic acid and many more.

Also, while you are sleeping your skin is actively working on renewal, repair, and regeneration. These ingredients in good night creams help this process eg they are high in antioxidants which actively repair damage to the skin barrier and raise their immunity.

You apply a night cream before you go to bed, and it works its magic while you sleep. During the day your skin is subject to environmental stressors like pollution and sun. At night there is no potential for skin damage so the skin can focus on repair and regeneration. A night cream helps speed up this process. Night time is a restorative time for your skin.

Night creams also have anti-inflammatory agents which lessen the swelling and redness on the skin. They are deeply hydrating and help make the skin firmer and more elastic. In addition, they are usually deeply hydrating, providing a lot of moisture to the skin.

Night cream with collagen makes the skin firmer and more elastic, and it can smooth lines and wrinkles. It contains hydration from hyaluronic acid, which release hydration over serval hours and works better when sunscreen doesn’t interfere. In the morning your skin will appear plump and nourished, soft and supple.

You may even find you wear less make-up as your complexion improves or that your make-up is going on better to your beautiful hydrated fresh face.

I recommend you try Sothys Renovate Night Cream to reveal visibly renewed skin which appears rested and younger in the morning.

For any questions or more information ask Jill on 064 6632966.

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