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A good coach will push for success



By Brian Foley from Activate Fitness

A famous former Kerry Footballer was once credited with saying: “There’s only six inches between a pat on the back and a kick up the arse” - and he was right!

Quite often we defer to platitudes rather than harsh truths.

I recently came across a young coach who wanted to please everyone, and you know what they say about wanting to please everyone? You end up pleasing no one.

This coach’s heart was in the right place for sure and wanted to be liked and keep clients happy, but by telling everyone they were “doing just great” and never having a hard chat with clients, it transpired no one was making progress.

You see, a good coach’s responsibility isn’t just to tell you how great you are, even though encouragement and positive reinforcement are of course vital.

Sometimes you need to be told it’s your fault or, sometimes you need to be told, you need to work harder, so let's do this instead. Perhaps a problem with the modern world is we’ve become too conditioned into taking offence and only wanting to hear good things about ourselves, but that really serves no one.

Would you rather be on the receiving end of a kick up the arse and get told the reality of a situation and start making some progress towards solving it, or just continue to receive the pat on the back and never solve the issue at hand?

If any of the below sentences apply to you, they may seem harsh, but you may need to hear it:

* It’s your fault if you are overweight.
* It’s your fault if you are unfit.
* It’s your fault if you aren’t where you want to be in life.

Once you stop looking for someone else to blame, stop accepting the meaningless pats on the backs from toothless guides, then you can start to strive for what you want.

This may come as a shock to some of you reading this.

After all, I own a gym that we like to call “the happiest place in Killarney”, but you see, being a happy place isn’t all about telling everyone they are great all the time, sure, if someone works hard and achieves something they previously couldn’t, well then get ready for that pat on the back! It’s time to celebrate!

But you don’t achieve happiness by just accepting the status quo and being pleased, placated and rolling over and having your belly rubbed. We’re also in the business of changing lives, and that doesn’t happen with pats on the back alone.

If you want to get results, if you want to get fit, if you want to succeed at something, you sometimes need that kick up the arse, and a good coach knows when it’s time pat or kick.

If you’re ready to have an honest conversation about your health and fitness and start to make meaningful changes to your life, schedule a free consultation today by visiting our website:

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Now that’s what we call dedication!

With over 41 years volunteering as a research biologist Áine Ní Shúilleabháin is the longest serving volunteer in Killarney National Park. Áine is dedicated to the recording of valuable scientific […]




With over 41 years volunteering as a research biologist Áine Ní Shúilleabháin is the longest serving volunteer in Killarney National Park.

Áine is dedicated to the recording of valuable scientific data on waterfowl and water quality in Killarney National Park. Her research has been an invaluable source of material with recordings dating back to 1982. Her contribution, observing ecosystems, and reports on her findings will be recognised for generations to come.

Áine’s ‘wingman’ is boatman and co-counter, John Michael Lyne, who operates from Muckross Boathouse. John’s knowledge of the lakes and interest in wildlife is remarkable. Generations of John Michael’s family have been involved with Muckross and Killarney National Park. The day on the lakes, John Michael, Áine and bird expert and National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Ranger, Sam Bayley, observed, nesting Herons, ringed Mute Swans, Golden Eye pair, an Egret, Cormorants, Irish Red Deer Hinds by the shoreline, and a White Tailed Eagle in the distance.

“It’s a wonderful privilege to be working in Killarney National Park, the Rangers are so open and welcoming,” Áine said.

“I first came to the Park in 1974, working with Dan Kelleher and the late Paudie O’Leary, and then on contract from 1976-1984. My supervisor suggested that I link my work as a fresh water biologist looking at the lake water quality with my great interest in wildlife ecology and management, that’s how I started doing the waterfowl counts.”

The project was spearheaded by prof John Bracken, Zoology Department UCD.

When Áine was appointed Senior Fisheries Environmental Officer in Donegal and Cavan (1982-2008), she still found time to travel to Killarney and carry out her bird counts.

“Being involved in waterfowl counts and waterfowl research in the Killarney National Park, alongside the great staff, so committed and knowledgeable from Dan Kelleher to the current management and staff, Éamonn Meskell, Danny O’Keeffe, and the great team of Conservation Rangers, and Sam Bayley being the bird expert, is such a privilege for me.”

After retiring, Áine returned to Kerry and Glenflesk became her home place. She immersed herself helping Glenflesk GAA Club, with her strong Kerry roots she served as Club PRO and now as Health Club Officer. She was appointed to the role of Kerry County Board Children’s Officer, a role she is very proud to hold.

As she says she is in a unique position volunteering.

“It’s unique having a long series of data going from 1982 to 2023, that’s because of the commitment from past and present staff and for me to continue to work as a volunteer is a wonderful privilege. It’s great to be out in nature, in such a beautiful place, so many different ecosystems and great wildlife.”

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This week it’s all about the eyes

By Jill O’Donoghue from Killarney Toning and Beauty Studio Our eyes and eyebrows are natural beauty features that help to frame our face to achieve the famous no make-up look. A […]




By Jill O’Donoghue from Killarney Toning and Beauty Studio

Our eyes and eyebrows are natural beauty features that help to frame our face to achieve the famous no make-up look.

A good eyebrow shape and tint really helps to give this look so you won’t have to try to draw or fill in the brows.

This is a popular treatment with both men and women. The lash lift can give you a natural boost, by lifting, conditioning, curling up which helps to open the eye giving it a brighter, more open look. Also, by tinting with the lash lift you are darkening; this helps the lashes look fuller and you won’t need to wear mascara. Your eye lashes will look very fluttery. You would even think you were wearing extensions without the damage to the natural lashes and its suitable for all ages. Even the shortest of lashes will be lifted.

The eyes and hands are some of the most important places for anti-ageing. With all the hand sanitising, it’s important to use hand cream more often. I always recommend applying just before bed so it can have time to really get to work on hydrating the hands. It’s clear from all my years of anti-ageing skincare for the face that hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient for hydration and anti-ageing. If you feel you need a boost for the hands, it’s a great idea to try a warm paraffin hand manicure which is a game changer for the hydration of the hands. SPF is essential to reduce and prevent further age spots. Use an eye cream morning and night, followed by an eye mask once a week and an eye facial once a month. Eye facials can be added into your regular facial for an extra lift.

Eyes for me are an area that needs most work as they don’t have any sebaceous glands of their own unlike the rest of the body. I often hear people saying they are allergic to eye cream, mostly it’s applied wrong or into the eye. Imagine you were looking at a skull – the bone of the eye socket is far back from the actual eye itself. You apply the eye cream on the bone area, just under the eyebrow and well under the eye using the ring finger as not to drag the skin as it’s super delicate. Use light circular motion from the inner corner under the eyebrow out to the temple lifting the brow as you go. It will drop with time and gravity, so it’s our job to encourage it to stay in place by exercising the muscle.

For more information or to book a skin consultation for the New Year, call Jill on 064 6632966.

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